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Fleming College professor attends World Water Forum in Marseille, France


Lindsay, ON – March 27, 2012 – Fleming College professor Gordon Balch represented the Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT) in Marseille, France. From March 12 to 17, Balch was one of 35, 000 participants at the World Water Forum, which is a forum devoted to solving global water issues.

Forum organizers invited participants to submit solutions to address global water issues, with sanitation issues making high priority, as 2.5 billion people still lack adequate sanitation. On behalf of Fleming College, the CAWT submitted two solutions dealing with sanitation issues, and both solutions were profiled at the forum.

“A lot of our sanitation efforts are probably well suited to developing countries, because they are low tech, inexpensive and are an effective means of dealing with wastewater issues,” said Balch, who attended the forum for the first time this year.

Participants of the conference included heads of state, elected officials, ministers, vice-ministers and secretaries of state. Balch said his purpose for attending the conference was to introduce fellow participants to Fleming College’s involvement in wastewater treatment. “We need to collaborate because the issues are so big. I see us as having a part to play,” said Balch.

“We’ve received follow-up e-mails from fellow participants,” said Balch, after he returned to Fleming College’s Frost Campus. “So there are possible collaborations in the future.”

Balch said the forum is strategic in making connections with other water experts around the world. The connections made during this event are believed to enhance the CAWT’s ability to contribute in addressing the basic needs of those living in developing countries.


For more information: Leigh McEachran, Communications Officer, 705-749-5530 x 1370 or leighm@flemingc.on.ca