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Ontario budget: Fleming College supports improved access to PSE


Fleming College is applauding provincial budget measures that will strengthen college education in Ontario and help more low-income students access post-secondary education.

“In this economy, it’s essential that all qualified students have access to post-secondary education,” said Fleming College President Tony Tilly. “We are pleased to see the government make enhanced support for low-income students a priority in its budget.”

The budget helps more low-income students pursue higher learning that leads to a good job without incurring debt. For example, the budget measures will result in free average tuition for every student with a family income of $50,000 or less, starting in the 2017-18 school year.

There are also commitments that students in families with incomes of $83,000 or less will receive non-repayable grants in excess of average tuition, and students in families with family incomes of less than $50,000 will have no provincial student debt. The maximum debt level for higher-income families will be capped at $10,000 annually.

According to Fleming College Registrar Brenda Pander-Scott, more than 80 per cent of Fleming students participate in the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

Helping increased numbers of low-income students have access to post-secondary education will strengthen the professional and technical skills of the province’s workforce.

The investment of $20 million over three years for college-based applied research projects in Ontario also has important implications for the provincial and regional economy. This funding will allow colleges and businesses to work together on real-world research that helps businesses become more innovative and create new jobs.

At Fleming College’s Frost Campus, the Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT), with its focus on water and wastewater technology, has participated in more than 100 applied research projects since 2007. In 2015 alone, the CAWT worked with 18 industry partners on 20 applied research projects.

“The $20 million under the business growth initiative in support of applied research projects at Ontario Colleges, in association with industry partners, is great news. This funding demonstrates the value Ontario Colleges are providing to companies through R and D,” said Brent Wootton, CAWT Director and Senior Scientist. “We see firsthand how investing in college applied research can help local companies innovate, grow, and become successful in the local and global marketplace.”

The CAWT is currently working with Noble Purification Inc., an emerging Peterborough company that is developing a technology involving a microorganism to clean water. The CAWT and Trent University are working with Noble Purification to optimize and test the technology with different types of industrial wastewaters.

The CAWT has also worked with Aclarus Ozone Water Systems, a Peterborough company that designs and sells ozone water and wastewater treatment systems for homes, government, engineering firms and industry. The CAWT helped Aclarus with research regarding the use of ozone to treat water and wastewater. Aclarus sells their NSF-61 certified ozone systems across Canada, the US and the around the world.

“Colleges play a central role in real-world research that helps businesses become more innovative. Investments in applied research will help strengthen Ontario’s economy as well as our own regional economy,” said Tilly. “It is great to see a commitment from the provincial government to enhance innovation in Ontario.”


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