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Information for New Students

Welcome to Fleming College! On this page your will find up to date information designed to help you prepare for your semester and transition into life at Fleming.

Sutherland Campus hold an Academic Orientation day for most programs, scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th. Attending your academic orientation day is the best way to meet your coordinators, understand your responsibilities and course expectations and connect with other new students who are enrolled in your same program before classes begin on Wednesday, September 9th.

Please ensure you login to the student portal and click on the red "New Student Orientation" link located in the top right of the portal home page. You will also find more detailed information about various social events happening at your specific campus throughout the month of September on the portal.

Orientation Week at Frost Campus is a combination of lectures, seminars and events. Please read your Fleming email for updates to your Orientation Week Timetable. You will follow the Orientation Week Timetable for the week of September 8th to 11th.

Sutherland Campus (Peterborough)

Fleming welcomes all new students to the Fleming Knight Orientation (Fleming K.O.) on Tuesday, September 8th at the Sutherland campus. All first semester students should follow the academic orientation schedule as detailed below and begin your regularly scheduled classes on Wednesday, September 9th.

Unless otherwise notified by your faculty, classes will begin on Wednesday, September 9th. Check your Fleming email and schedule to ensure when your classes begin.

First semester students will be sent an email with academic orientation schedule. Each academic school has specific times associated with it, so it is important that you review your schedule carefully. Most programs have unique academic orientation sessions during the morning, which are followed by the Knights Induction Ceremony, End Zone Party, Pep Rally, Fleming Knights vs. Trent Excalibur Match, and Concert.

Download Your Orientation Day Schedule

Download the Academic Orientation for your Area of Study

Other information for Sutherland students:

  • Accessing the myCampus Portal
    • From the Fleming College website http://flemingcollege.ca/, click on the 'myCampus Login' link found in the top right corner of the webpage. Alternatively, you can go directly to the myCampus Portal using the following URL: https://mycampus.flemingcollege.ca/
    • If this is your first time accessing an authenticated Fleming College service, you will not have a username. To obtain your Fleming College username, use the 'New Student' feature located on the myCampus login page. This process requires you to provide your date of birth and student number. After completing this authentication process, you will receive a personalized message detailing your Fleming College username and email address. Your password will be your student number until you change it.
    • The myCampus Portal is your one-stop shop for all Fleming College services that you may require. The homepage features your weekly schedule, Fleming news, upcoming events, Registrar's Office notices, the academic schedule dates, and important College-wide announcements during special circumstances, such as school closures and IT service notices.
    • On the homepage of myCampus, you will find a 'Virtual Tour' link at the top right corner of the page, below your name that will step you through each of these features. Additionally, the myCampus portal links to other important services such as your email, MyCourses (D2L) course resources, and 'Fileway (H:)' for accessing your files stored on the Fleming network.

Frost Campus (Lindsay)

Orientation Week at Frost

Frost Campus welcomes all new students to the Welcome to Frost Kick Off on Tuesday, September 8th at 4:00 pm. This event is sponsored by The Frost Student Association (FSA). All first semester students should follow their academic orientation schedule beginning on Tuesday September 8th. The Orientation Timetable will be sent to their Fleming email the week of August 24th. The Kick Off event will begin after scheduled classes are completed September 8th.

Other Important Information

Haliburton Campus

Note: Orientation Events at the Haliburton Campus are scheduled for Monday September 7th from 1:00 to 3:30.

Come to the Great Hall of the Haliburton Campus, 297 College Drive (first right off Industrial Park Road) Haliburton, ON. Meet fellow students, get your timetable, studio orientation and materials, and student card picture taken. Learn about your library access, computer logins, and SA Health Plan.

Please RSVP to Wendy Ladurantaye, wendy.ladurantaye@flemingcollege.ca. It is important that you attend!

Frequently asked questions about orientation:

Will all programs have academic orientation on the same date and time?
At the Peterborough and Haliburton campuses, academic orientation will happen on Tuesday, September 8th. Students entering programs at the Frost campus will have their schedules emailed to them directly or alternatively, Frost students can check their timetable schedule in their student portal. (see more information below)

For all new students, ensure you are following your Orientation schedule, not your academic timetable on Tuesday, September 8th.

Each program at Fleming is a part of individual academic schools: The School of Education, Health and Wellness, The School of Justice and Business Studies, The School of General Arts and Science, The School of Trades and Technology, The School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences and The Haliburton School of the Arts.

Individual programs in each school have separate academic schedules, so please check your specific program name to determine the specific details about when/where your academic program orientation is being hosted.
Is orientation about more than academics?
Is orientation about more than academics? Yes! Many departments in the college, including Athletics, Student Life, Residence Life, Aboriginal Student Services, International Student Services,Diversity Equity and Inclusion, and your Student Councils have planned activities and events. A full list of "things to do" will be posted on this page.
Is there hazing involved?
No! No hazing, initiations, or Hollywood inspired frosh rituals are planned. Programming is designed to welcome and inspire you to participate in all aspects of college life at Fleming, both academically and socially.
Where can I get a quick look at the various services and supports available at Fleming before I start school?
Information is always available online through the Fleming College main website and you can also check out the Orientation edition of Student Health 101.
What are the expections of me, and what can I expect of my Faculty?
We have put together the following document to answer this question. Please see the Student and Faculty Guidelines for Professional Practice


I attended Orientation sessions last year in September - and what a great idea it was. I gained lots of valuable insights into my program, met many of my faculty, and got a head start on what has been a really successful year. I'd recommend this for everybody - it made me feel so welcome at Fleming, and I hit the ground running academically.
-- Shannon Culkeen, 2012 Class Valedictorian

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