Accessible Education Services

Fleming College is committed to providing equal access to services, facilities and educational programs for persons with disabilities. If you have a documented medical, physical, psychological or learning disability you may be eligible for accommodations that can help you to succeed academically. The following are examples of academic accommodations and support services which may be put in place:

  • training in and access to technical aids (assistive equipment and software)
  • computerized note-taking for those with sight or hearing disabilities
  • alternatives to print materials
  • American Sign Language interpreting
  • alternative testing arrangements
  • counselling support
  • various other supports such as learning strategies, peer note-taking and tutoring services
  • a full-time Learning Strategist and Assistive Technologist for students

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to make your disability known as soon as you accept an offer of admission. Early identification ensures that we can provide appropriate academic accommodations in a timely manner.

Connecting with Supports

We offer options in the summer to help students with disabilities connect with services and supports they need in college. Each is designed to help you start off your first semester at Fleming on the right foot.

Learn more about orientation programs and accessibility services:
Peterborough campus flyer
Lindsay campus flyer

Steps To Take to Engage Accessible Education Services

Identify your disability needs to the college by calling Counselling:

  • For programs at the campuses in Peterborough or Cobourg,
    phone 705-749-5527 or toll free 866-353-6464, ext. 1527.
  • For programs at the campuses in Lindsay or Haliburton,
    phone 705-324-9144, ext. 3320 or toll free 866-353-6464, ext. 3320.

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