Fleming College Looking for Local Landlords

Peterborough, ON – (Nov. 29, 2022) – Fleming College and Places4Students are making it a little easier for residents in our campus communities to become first-time landlords.  

In an effort to encourage more people to rent rooms to Fleming students, Fleming College’s Off-Campus Housing office and Places4Students are hosting a virtual seminar to highlight some of the positive aspects of becoming a landlord. 

Renting a room to a student is a great way to generate extra income and can be a source for companionship. Places4Students will also be offering free general listings to local landlords during the month of December.  

During the seminar representatives from both Fleming and Places4Students will also answer any questions participants may have, including how to screen prospective student tenants, how to create a rental agreement and how to list a room on Places4Students.  

The seminar takes place Thursday, Dec. 1 from 1 – 2 p.m. It is free to attend and is open to everyone.  

You can join the seminar here.  

Anyone wishing to attend and who would like further information is welcome to contact our Off-Campus Housing office at och@flemingcollege.ca or by calling 705-749-5530 ext. 1125.   

For media inquiries please contact Communications Officer Sarah Deeth at sarah.deeth@flemingcollege.ca.  

Places4Students.com Asks Homeowners to Consider Renting Rooms to Students

Media release provided by Places4Students.com. Please contact Places4Students for more information. For Fleming-related housing inquiries, please contact Karen Hennessey at Karen.Hennessey@flemingcollege.ca

Places4Students.com, the company specializing in providing colleges and universities throughout North America with off-campus housing solutions, is reaching out to the public with a plea to help provide housing accommodations for students returning to class this fall.

Students are currently planning to move to our campus communities for this new academic term in September; However, some students are finding it difficult to locate safe and affordable housing accommodations due to low vacancy rates across the country. This poses an even greater challenge for international students travelling from abroad.

Places4Students.com partners with colleges, universities, and student unions to provide a rental property listing service for students, landlords and affiliates of the schools.

To assist with this dilemma, Places4Students.com is informing homeowners about the benefits of renting to students and asking them, “Would you be willing to rent your spare room to a student attending college or university in your community?” 

“The current rental market of extremely low vacancy rates has created an unprecedented struggle for students to find a place to live while attending school. Our team is doing all we can to help by reaching out to the community and raising awareness. By renting out a room not being used within their house to a student, homeowners can gain a new revenue source and experience other benefits too. It’s a win-win for both!” said Mark Taylor, Director of Accounts with Places4Students.com.

For the month of September, Fleming is offering FREE general listings to help generate more housing options for their students online (check Places4Students.com for offers and details). For more information, please contact 1-866-766-0767, admin@p4s.com or visit https://www.places4students.com.


About Places4Students.com:
Places4Students.com is the comprehensive Off-Campus Housing Service that works in conjunction with academic institutions and student organizations to provide off-campus housing solutions for students.  Over 190 college and university campuses throughout North America have partnered with this resourceful website since 2003.  During the last 19 years, Places4Students.com has helped over 134,500 landlords and property managers advertise their rental vacancies to students, alumni, and faculty successfully.  Their team is dedicated to helping students find a home away from home!

Media Contact:

Mark Taylor, Director of Accounts
1-866-766-0767 Ext. 105