Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

LEARN, BELONG, BECOME ... promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion for all Fleming students on all Fleming campuses.

The Diversity Office

The Diversity Office promotes a welcoming and inclusive environment for students, staff, and visitors, and promotes human rights on campus and in the community. The Coordinator of Diversity, Accessibility, and International Student Supports also offers support for students experiencing difficulties, like accessibility barriers, homophobia or other types of discrimination or harassment, or cultural barriers and isolation as newcomers. The Office also supports student clubs addressing diversity issues on campus and works with community agencies promoting social justice. The Coordinator maintains the Positive Space Campaign promoting safe campuses for LGBTQ students, supports to International students, Accessibility planning, the Women’s Campus Safety awareness boards, the Prayer and Meditation Room, and many other diversity initiatives. Get involved in making Fleming College a welcoming place where everyone belongs.

For more information, contact diversity@flemingcollege.ca

  • Sutherland campus
    Room A2 109
  • Frost campus
    Room 254

The Prayer & Meditation Room

(Sutherland campus room C1 300)

Fleming College offers students a quiet space dedicated to the expression of faith and personal reflection. Students are welcome to use the room (located down the corridor behind Tim Horton’s, near the Museum labs) during normal campus hours of operation. Prayer mats and religious texts are available. Students are asked to respect others using the space and remove their footwear upon entering. For more information, contact diversity@flemingcollege.ca.

The Positive Space Education Program

This three-level program promotes a safe and inclusive environment for members of LGBTQ communities (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) by building awareness about issues of homophobia and transphobia. Students who complete all three levels can become trainers, and the program is recognized on the Co-curricular Record, as well as being offered for credit through numerous Academic Programs. To participate in a session, fill out the Registration Form on MyCampus, found at: https://mycampus.flemingcollege.ca/group/mycampus/campus_life (click on the Positive Space icon), or contact diversity@flemingcollege.ca.

The Diversity Calendar of Events

Every year, the Diversity Office organizes events that celebrate diversity. Themes have included;

  • Accessibility awareness
  • Black History Month
  • Cultural events
  • Gay Pride & Day of Pink
  • Women’s Campus Safety
  • And more...

Information on upcoming events at your campus is shared regularly through email, posters, and displays. Have an idea? Drop by the office!

What is Diversity?

The Human Rights Officer

This Human Resources consultant is a resource to all members of the college regarding harassment and discrimination based on human rights grounds. If you need more information about your rights or about Fleming policy, contact Nick Duley or visit the Harassment & Discrimination web page.

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