Fee Payment
(Domestic Students)

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has released new tuition fee guidelines that all colleges in Ontario will be implementing for the Fall 2015 Term.

  • All full-time Canadian students will now be required to pay a $500.00 non-refundable Tuition Deposit annually (once per academic year)
  • The Tuition Deposit payment deadline is June 15, 2015 for new and returning students who will be entering the Fall 2015 term
  • This applies to both OSAP and non-OSAP students, in post-secondary (certificate or diploma) or graduate certificate programs
  • The remaining balance of tuition owing will be due approximately one month prior to the start of the term in which the fees apply. The payment process varies for this depending on if you are an OSAP or non-OSAP student. See below for details.

New Students

Payment of the Tuition Deposit is required to ensure your seat in your program of choice. You risk losing your seat if the Tuition Deposit is not received by the deadline date.

Returning Students

Payment of the Tuition Deposit by the deadline date is important to ensure your seat in your program and the timely preparation of your timetable.

Are You a Sponsored Student?

If you are a sponsored student it is your responsibility to provide your sponsorship letter to the Corporate Cashier’s Office by the Tuition Deposit Deadline date.

Fee Notification

We will send an email to your Fleming email address and to any other email address you have provided to us, notifying you that your Fee Notification is available for you to review. Your fee notification will be available within the myCampus student portal.Once you are logged in select My Student Centre from the left hand navigation pane. Inside your Student Centre, scroll down the page and click on the Fee Notification/Account Info link. Select the Fee Notification button for the correct term to display your fee information.

Payment Methods

  • Internet Banking: set Fleming College as a payee through your bank. Be sure to select Fleming College - Fees or Tuition (not residence fees) to ensure your payment is applied correctly. Your student number is your account number
  • On-line: login to your myCampus student portal. Select My Student Centre at the top of the page. Note that in early June, My Student Centre will be located on the left side navigation menu. Select My Self Service and then Student Centre. Scroll down the page to the Make a Payment link at the bottom of the page. Follow the instructions to complete your payment
  • Direct mail: Cheque or Money Order
  • In-person: Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Money Order or Cheque

Fee Payment Deadline Dates

For the majority of students, Fee Payment Deadline Dates are as displayed below. For non-traditional start programs please refer directly to the dates provided in your Fee Notification.

Program Term Start
Spring 2016
Fall 2016
Winter 2017
Spring 2017
All Students
Tuition Deposit Deadline
June 17, 2016
(non-refundable and non-transferable)
Non-OSAP Students (and OSAP students with a
Remaining Balance)
Final Payment Deadline
August 5, 2016
All New Students
Tuition Deposit Deadline
March 11, 2016
(non-refundable and non-transferable)
November 11, 2016
(non-refundable and non-transferable)
March 10, 2017
(non-refundable and non-transferable)
New Non-OSAP Students
(and OSAP students with a Remaining Balance)
Final Payment deadline
April 8, 2016 December 9, 2016 April 7, 2017
Returning Non-OSAP Students
Remaining Balance Due
April 8, 2016 November 11, 2016 April 7, 2017

OSAP Students

If you are receiving OSAP funds, and your funding assessment is sufficient to cover your Tuition and Ancillary fees for the Academic year, you do not need to pay anything else beyond the $500 non-refundable Tuition Deposit. The remaining balance of your fees owing will be paid through your OSAP funds. You are responsible for ensuring that your OSAP application is complete and all necessary supporting documentation has been provided to the Financial Aid Office.

If you do not receive sufficient OSAP funds to cover your Tuition and Ancillary fees for the Academic year, you will be required to pay any shortfall between the remaining balance owing and what your OSAP funds will cover for each of the terms in which you attend. This amount is due by the Final Payment date detailed in the chart above.

Non-OSAP Students

You are required to pay the remaining balance of your fees owing by the deadline date detailed in the chart below. The remaining balance is your total Tuition and Ancillary fees less the Tuition Deposit that you have already paid.

Student Health Plan

Download the Student Health Plan Brochure

Students enrolled in full-time programs are automatically covered in the Student Health Plan administered by your student government. The fee is paid once per academic year and is included in your tuition fees.

Prior to the applicable deadline date, students have the option to:

  • Opt-Out of their health plan coverage online, upon providing proof of alternate coverage. Note: the mandatory Accidental Death & Dismemberment component ($5.00) is non-refundable
  • Opt-In family members (spouse and/or dependents) for an additional fee
  • Choose an alternative from the default "Standard Plan". All three Flex Plans are equal in value but offer varying combinations of coverage

All options above must be completed online and prior to the applicable deadline date. Students will be notified by email when Opt-out cheques are available for pick up at the SAC office (approx. six weeks following the deadline date).

Deadline Dates

  • September 23, 2016
    Opens online August 1, 2016 - Health Plan premium paid in Fall Term enrollment
  • January 27, 2017
    Opens online January 1, 2017 - Health Plan premium paid in Winter Term enrollment
  • May 26, 2017
    Opens online May 1, 2017 - Health Plan premium paid in Spring Term enrollment

Further assistance is available at:

Late Fees and Returned Or Declined Payments

It is your responsibility to ensure your payment is received by the college on or before the due date published in your Fee Notification. A late fee charge of $150 will be applied to your account for payments received after the Final Payment Deadline date.

A $30 fee will be charged for returned cheques, declined credit cards or payments returned to us for any reason.

Withdrawal/Refund of Tuition/Ancillary Fees for Full-time Domestic Postsecondary Students (Effective Fall 2015)

In accordance with the Ministry of Training, College and Universities binding directive on Tuition and Ancillary Fees, students who submit formal written notification of withdrawal to the Registrar’s Office, within 10 business days of the beginning of the semester are entitled to a refund of tuition and ancillary fees as follows:

  • Students who submit a formal notification of withdrawal from a full-time program of instruction within 10 days of the beginning of the semester or the beginning of the period for which the student paid fees, are entitled to a refund of the full tuition and ancillary fees for the semester or program period less $500.00, and a refund in full of any tuition and ancillary fees paid in advance for subsequent semesters
  • Students who formally withdraw after the 10th day of the semester will receive a refund of tuition and ancillary fees paid in advance for subsequent terms only. Any refunds will first be credited to fees outstanding, such as residence, optional fees or outstanding tuition fees from previous semesters. For students receiving OSAP funding, refunds will first be payable to the National Student Loan Services Centre for credit against existing loans as per Section N - Student Declaration of the OSAP Application for Full-time Students. Any remaining refund balance will be made payable to the student
  • After 10 business days students are entitled to a refund in full of any fees paid in advance for subsequent semesters only. Any outstanding fees for the current semester are due to the college

Find the Withdrawal Form and Instructions here

Note: Non-attendance does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fee Payment

Why is there a change in how we pay our fees and the available options?
The Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) has mandated that by September 2015, all colleges across Ontario implement a new tuition fee payment structure. The payment arrangements are to be consistent across all colleges and consider those students who rely on OSAP to assist with their college education. All colleges in Ontario have agreed upon and adopted the new structure.
What is the tuition deposit?
The tuition deposit is $500. This is a non-refundable amount that is directed in full towards your tuition and ancillary fees and is payable by all students except those who are sponsored. It is only paid once per academic year, unless you change your program within the academic year, or you take a term off with respect to your studies.
What is the Final Payment deadline date?
The Final Payment deadline date is the date by which you are required to pay the remaining balance of your fees. The deadline date is published in your Fee Notification letter that you can access through your Student Centre, by logging into your myCampus portal. Payments received after the published deadline date will result in the payment of a late fee. Students admitted to waitlisted program could lose their seat in their program if payment is received after the Final Payment deadline date.
What if I’m applying for OSAP?
If you are applying for OSAP in most cases you need to do nothing more in terms of payment beyond the $500 tuition deposit. However, you do have to ensure that you have applied for OSAP and completed all necessary steps in full, including providing supporting documentation, as required by the Final Payment deadline date published in your Fee Notification letter.
What if I am not receiving sufficient OSAP to cover my tuition and ancillary fees?
If you are not receiving sufficient OSAP funding to pay your tuition and ancillary fees, you will be required to pay by the Final Payment deadline date, the difference between what your OSAP funding will provide and what your tuition and ancillary fees are for the term in question.
What is the late fee?
The late fee is $150 and will be levied if you miss paying the remainder of your fees by the Final Payment deadline date.
How are sponsored students affected by this change?
For sponsored students, there is no change to past practice. Students will continue to have to provide a Sponsorship Letter by the tuition deposit deadline date, detailing the terms and conditions of their sponsorship and the costs covered by the sponsorship.
What if I have been provided a conditional offer, pay my tuition deposit, but subsequently don’t meet the conditions for Admission?
Under these circumstances a full refund of the $500 deposit will be granted.

Freedom Of Information

Due to the Freedom of Information Act, your personal information cannot be released to anyone, other than you, without your signed release. This includes parents, relatives, faculty, public and private organizations within and outside Canada, and others.

If you wish to allow someone to contact the college on your behalf regarding your account information, please FAX to the attention of the Corporate Cashier’s Office your signed permission form to 705-749-5507. The FOI permission form can be found at: https://mycampus.flemingcollege.ca/group/mycampus/registrar

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