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Waste Diversion at Fleming College

Waste Diversion at Fleming College Table of Contents

Sort it out!

In January 2017 Fleming College moved to a Centralized Sorting System for waste and recycling. All garbage and recycling bins were removed from classrooms, lecture halls and common areas like the Learning Commons. Students are now responsible for properly sorting their waste at Sorting Stations strategically located throughout the campus.

Look for a Sorting Station near you!

What goes where?

Organics Landfill Containers Fibres
Food scraps Coffee cup lids Paper coffee cups Computer paper
Tissues Chip bags Plastic cups Newspaper
Napkins Styrofoam Milk containers Magazines
Candy wrappers Pop bottles Cardboard drink trays
Straws Juice boxes Unsoiled paper bags
Disposable cutlery Metal cans
Aluminum tin foil and plates
Glass bottles

Organics – We’re working on it

You may have noticed a “We’re working on it!” sticker on the Organics stream of the Sorting Stations. The Office of Sustainability and Physical Resources are actively working toward finding a solution with local municipal and business partners to divert our organic waste. Even though we currently don’t have a solution in place, we encourage staff and students to utilize the Organics stream as this helps keep contamination from entering other streams.

We need your help!

Data indicates that nearly 40% of what Fleming College sends to landfill is recyclable material!

By working together we can sort it out, keep recyclables out of landfill and reduce the environmental footprint of Fleming College’s operations.

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