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Office of Sustainability: Sustainability in Our Courses

Office of Sustainability: Sustainability in Our Courses Table of Contents

You will find courses across all of our programs that integrate sustainability. In addition, the majority of our Diploma Programs have included Fleming's Sustainability Learning Outcome in at least one required course.

Learning Outcome

Students will be able to explain the interconnections between the broad principles of sustainability - which include human health and well-being, ecological health, social issues, and secure livelihoods- in order to support a better world for all generations.

Programs and Courses

Program Course
Early Childhood Education ProgramChildren's Health and Environment
Recreation and Leisure ProgramBuilding Communities through Parks and Recreation
Social Service Worker and Counseling ProgramsSocial Justice and Diversity
School of Environment and Natural Resources ProgramsSkills for Stewardship and Sustainability
Outdoor Adventure and EducationApplied Ecology for Outdoor Education
Skilled Trades ProgramsEnvironmental Issues for Industry
Business ProgramsCorporate and Social Responsibility
General Arts and ScienceIntroduction to Indigenous Studies

Resource Material

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