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Sustainability in Action

Applied Projects Funding Program

Do you or your students have an idea about how to make Fleming College more sustainable? Is it something that students could work on in the upcoming fall and winter semesters? This funding program provides money to research or implement small projects that can do this!

Download the Guidelines and Application Form

Current Initiatives

Fleming College Sutherland Residence Community Garden

We have planted the seeds for change. As a part of Fleming's sustainability action plan, the Sutherland Campus Residences launched a community garden in 2014. The community garden opened on June 1st, 2016 and will run until November 1st, 2016. The gardens are available for use annually to students, staff and faculty. By participating in a community garden you increase your physical activity and stress relief. Gardening is considered a moderate to intense form of exercise and addresses endurance, flexibility and strength activities.

Shifting Gears 2016

Fleming College won the Large Workplace Award for Peterborough Green Up's Shifting Gears 2016 competition. Fleming Faculty Member and Shifting Gears Coordinator Peter Laurie accepts Fleming's prize from Green Up. The challenge encourages workplaces, schools and members of the community to use other means of transportation besides driving for the month of May. By walking, cycling, riding transit, carpooling, and telecommuting a bit more frequently, we can improve our health and the health of our environment.

Fleming Local Food Box

The Local Food Box was originally implemented at Frost Campus in 2014, hosted by the Sustainable Agriculture Program, (SAG). The main contact for the project was Colin Sober-Williams, Program Technician. ( The bulk of the produce was grown at the Frost Campus, with some produce provided from local farms. In 2015 we brought the program to the Sutherland campus, coordinated by the Office of Sustainability. Items included in the boxes varied depending on produce availability. The produce provided this season included kale, green lettuce, red lettuce, winter radish, watermelon radish, winter squash, spaghetti squash, potatoes, carrots, purple carrots, basil, thyme, garlic, onions, cabbage, turnip, kohlrabi and rutabaga. For more information, please contact, or call (705) 749-5530 Ext.: 1386.

Fleming Moveable Feast

Thanks to everyone who came out for Fleming's Moveable Feast on Monday, Oct. 5.

The sold-out 100 mile dinner featured recipes made from food grown on campus in the Sustainable Agriculture program's garden. A gross total of $6,600 was raised at the event. Half of the net proceeds will go toward student financial assistance and the other half to the United Way for City of Kawartha Lakes.

Fleming Farmers' Market

The Fleming College Farmers' Market ran for the second year from September - October.

Held outside in front of the main entrance, the market included produce, meats, cheese, herbal teas, soaps, baked goods and more. The market also included a BBQ from the college food provider, Aramark, which featured locally sourced meats. The market will run the same time next year.

Indigenous Education Protocol Signing Ceremony

Fleming College today signed Colleges and Institutes Canada's (CICan) historic Indigenous Education Protocol in a special ceremony at the Sutherland Campus. The Protocol is an aspirational document that reaffirms Fleming's commitment to Indigenous education and provides a vision of how it will strive to improve and better serve Indigenous peoples. Fleming College has a long history of supporting Aboriginal learners and has relied on its Aboriginal Education Council (an advisory committee made up of Aboriginal leaders) for more than two decades. At the same time, both Fleming's Aboriginal curriculum and support services have continued to grow. The Protocol will provide event greater encouragement and incentive to promote and support Aboriginal education.

Awareness Tables

The Office of Sustainability partnered with Project Management students as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility class to bring several awareness tables to students. Combining information, games, and prizes, these tables engaged students and educated on a variety of topics. Four tables ran between January and April of 2016. Our water awareness table encouraged students to bring their own bottle to fill up at the school's drinking water fill station. The waste reduction table campaigned for students to bring a reusable coffee mug, and also advertised the discounts on campus available for people who do. As prizes, mugs were handed out to participating students. The theme of the table pictured was DIY Household Products, where students were educated on how to make various household and personal hygiene products using non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients.

Ongoing - Sustainability Action Plans Released!

Each year, the Office of Sustainability and the Frost Sustainability Campus Initiative prepare action plans to implement Fleming's Five Year Sustainability Plan. Actions range from student engagement to operations to curriculum and include everything from community gardens to LED lighting to learning outcomes. At the end of the year we report on how we did. By 2018 we hope to have achieved our sustainability goals.

Ongoing - Frost SA Intercampus Shuttle

The Frost SA (Student Association), with the help of Sustainability Projects Coordinator Tania Clerac, launched an inter-campus shuttle available to both Sutherland and Frost campus students. The FSA Shuttle now bring increased accessibility between the two campuses as well as making stops along the way: Lindsay, Omemee, Fowler's Corners, and the downtown Peterborough Bus Terminal. As part of a referendum that took place last spring, the FSA shuttle is free to Frost students, who contribute to the shuttle through their tuition. For all others, the costs are as follows: Two-way passes for $5.65, Semester passes for $28.25, and Year-long passes for $56.50 are available to Sutherland students via the front information desk. For schedules and additional information regarding the FSA Shuttle, please visit:

Ongoing - Farmer's Market Tenure & Local Food Inclusion

Fleming's Office of Sustainability was the proud coordinator of a Farmer's Market event in 2014 and it will continue in 2015. In the first year, vendors such as Staple's Maple Syrup, Vegan Sweet Home, Kawartha Lakes Fudge Co., Stickling's Bakery, Batten's Country Choice Honey, Dreams of Beans and The Organic Baker were also present throughout the markets tenure. Fleming's food service provider, Aramark, hosted a BBQ throughout the fall series of the event. Aramark's BBQ was held in support of local suppliers and hot lunches were made using product supplied by local farms such as French's Beef Farm and others.


Seven Generations Ahead - Celebrating Water Solutions

On May 8th, the Office of Sustainability, together with Indigenous Perspectives, The Sacred Water Circle, the Water Walkers and GreenUP organized "Seven Generations Ahead: Celebrating Water Solutions" featuring Grandmother Josephine Mandamin, Elder Shirley Williams, panellists, Alix Taylor of Green Communities Canada, Dr. Linda Skilton, Dean of the School of Environment and Natural Resources and Dr. Gord Balch of the Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment along with welcoming words from our President, Tony Tilly, and Vice-President, Laurel Schollen. The event also featured films and a Water Solutions Showcase (organized by our Project Management Students!) all highlighting Water Solutions in our region including the Kawartha's Water Walk that took place on May 10th. Please see the pictures and article below.

Changing Climate - Changing Communities Conference

On March 21st, 2015, the Ecosystem Management Technology Students organized and hosted the " Changing Climate and Changing Communities Conference" featuring Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author Sheila Watt-Cloutier who was the keynote speaker at an upcoming conference at the College's Frost Campus. Ms. Cloutier gave an inspiring speech about the impacts of climate change in the Arctic including her own personal experiences growing up and how the changing climate has impacted the Inuit culture she was raised in. There were also workshops throughout the day highlighting climate change awareness and actions that people can take in their own communities.

Earth Hour Awareness- For our Grandchildren and "No Impact Man"

On March 28th, an event was organized by Team GO with the help of the Office of Sustainability to raise awareness about climate change and Earth Hour. The event featured a talk by Guy Hanchet of , For Our Granchildren, who spoke about how the importance of action on climate change became all the more real for him after becoming a grandfather. Students then watched the film "No Impact Man" and discussed the kinds of actions they would be willing to take to limit impacts on the climate above and beyond participating in Earth Hour.


Fleming College at the Purple Onion Festival

Fleming college was a proud participant at the Purple Onion Festival this year. Hosting the Fleming College booth on Sunday, September 21st, 2014, the Office of Sustainability partnered with students from the Project Management and Sustainable Agriculture programs to promote permaculture and sustainable agriculture techniques, along with the various sustainable initiative that Fleming undertook and implemented through 2014.

Fleming's Office of Sustainability also supplied free, reusable water bottles at the event in support of the College's ban on disposable plastic beverage containers. Faculty member, and Academic Lead of the Office of Sustainability, Jane Gray, was also present at the event to speak on behalf of Fleming College in support of the International Climate Change rally that took place in conjunction with the festival at Millennium Park. More information is available on the Purple Onion Festival website

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