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Sustainability in Action

Applied Projects Funding Program

Do you or your students have an idea about how to make Fleming College more sustainable? Is it something that students could work on in the upcoming fall and winter semesters? This funding program provides money to research or implement small projects that can do this!

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Ongoing - Sustainability Action Plans Released!

Each year, the Office of Sustainability and the Frost Sustainability Campus Initiative prepare action plans to implement Fleming's Five Year Sustainability Plan. Actions range from student engagement to operations to curriculum and include everything from community gardens to LED lighting to learning outcomes. At the end of the year we report on how we did.

Current Initiatives

Envirothon Competition

The Regional Envirothon Competition takes place across the province in March or April every year. The competition test highschool students skills and knowledge related to five core envirothon topics including forestry, soils,aquatics,wildlife and current issues. Each team must work together to complete the assigned task at hand. Winners of the Ontario Envirothon Championship represent the province at the North American Envirothon Championship that takes place in the summer. Students have the opportunity to win unique prizes and scholarships at all levels along the way.

Sustainability, Envirothon competition

Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up Event

Fleming College and WWF-Canada cohosted a Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up for staff, students and community members on October 14th, 2017 in Del Crary Park, Downtown Peterborough. The clean up had over 50 participants who successfully removed 36.5 Kg of waste cleaning up 3 km of shoreline of Little Lake. Over 6800 cigarette butts were collected and diverted to Terracycle for proper recycling along with over 790 small pieces of plastic easily ingestible by wildlife.

Sustainability, Shoreline clean up

Past Initiatives


SENRS 1st Annual BioBlitz

The Office of Sustainability hosted their 1st Annual “Bio-Blitz” of Frost Campus over a two day period (Sept. 22nd & 23rd, 2017) involving more than three hundred participants. This Bio-Blitz was a two stage event; the first stage featuring over two hundred and fifty elementary school students undergoing experiential learning through different biomes of biological diversity on the Frost Campus; these elementary school students were lead through various workshops by senior Forestry Technician students to learn basic identification techniques for various flora and fauna. The second stage of the event was a twenty-four hour scientific biological inventory of the campus where students, staff and community volunteers recorded as many different species as they could find within the time period. This year the combined efforts yielded over three hundred different species being recorded.

Green Your Campus Competition & Conference Event

This event was held in partnership with the Trent University Green Team, FASTSTART Fleming College & The Office of Sustainability. The Green Your Campus Competition & Conference featured a variety of keynote speakers including: Dan Longboat – Associate Professor, Director of Indigenous Studies at Trent University, David Belsey – Faculty member of Fleming College, Brianna Salmon – Executive Director of Green Up, & Gord Miller – Former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario along with a two minute pitch competition where students of Fleming College & Trent University had the opportunity to pitch sustainable project ideas to a panel of judges. The two winning projects were awarded funding from FASTSTART Fleming College to implement their projects: The first being funding to increase the amount of trees on Frost Campus contributing towards the arboretum project and the second for a feasibility study at Sutherland Campus to be conducted concerning a Tesla Powerwall unit.

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