Our vision


Inspired by Sir Sandford Fleming, we are inventive. Fleming will be known for our continuous pursuit of excellence in teaching and every endeavour.

Our graduates will be recognized for exceptional knowledge, skills, attitudes and values on their lifelong journeys of learning and discovery.

We are community focused, yet we play a distinctive role serving Ontario and beyond through our specializations .

Our Values

Learning – knowledge, skills and attitudes – for work and life

Collaboration – with communities and employers, students and each other

Creativity – in teaching and supporting students

Continuous Improvement – to innovate, grow, and excel

Sustainability – for our college and our environment

Inclusiveness – to welcome and value all students and all perspectives

The Fleming Legacy

Learning, living and working at Fleming is a process of personal discovery and development, supported by our unique learning communities.

Dare to dream.
Expand your knowledge and skills.
Develop yourself along with others.
Create learning communities.
Be inventive.
Build a better future.
Enjoy the journey.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Deliver Outstanding Student Learning and Experiences
  2. Collaborate and Prosper With Our Communities
  3. Excel as an Organization
  4. Enhance Financial Health and Sustainability


At Fleming, we will design all aspects of the student learning experience, within and beyond the classroom, to support students in pursuing their personal and professional goals and achieving success as flexible, resilient, lifelong learners.

  1. Reimagine and design learning opportunities to fully engage our students using accessible, outcomes-based approaches, applied learning, and authentic assessment.
  2. Promote and recognize innovation and excellence in teaching by supporting and engaging faculty in industry practices, discipline research, and educational technology.
  3. Develop and implement an integrated student success strategy to support our domestic and international students from recruitment through to graduation.
  4. Continue common and core program development with differentiation as a key principle, and expand our leadership role in specialized program areas; Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, Trades and Technology, Arts and Heritage, and Healthcare and Community Services.
  5. Focus unrelentingly on quality by implementing effective, evidence-based program review and accreditation processes to ensure outstanding student learning.
  6. Provide clear and accessible academic and career pathways for all programs, enabling mobility between institutions and programs.
  7. Leverage selected applied research activities and resources to complement programs, enhance learning and provide value to sponsors, partners, and clients.


Fleming communities include our campuses, cities and regional areas, as well as our far-reaching communities of interest: provincial, national, international, online and learning-related networks connecting the college to our stakeholders. We plan and share our work and our success with each of these unique communities.

  1. Design Fleming programs to include learning opportunities in the workplace and in our communities, while in turn providing our communities with access to college resources and skills.
  2. Strengthen our partnerships with our local communities and our extensive program-related communities of interest through collaborative projects and new communications and outreach strategies.
  3. Encourage, facilitate and recognize student and staff contributions toward community betterment.
  4. Develop and implement a comprehensive internationalization plan to: improve access and success for international learners, enhance international aspects of curriculum, grow international partnerships and provide expanded international study and work opportunities for students and faculty.
  5. Work with both local and distant Indigenous communities to expand and improve programs and services, access, participation, and success rates for Indigenous learners.


To continuously grow, develop and compete, the college must develop and support the well-being of our people as our most important asset and ensure efficient and effective operations to support our stakeholders.

  1. Promote a creative, integrated culture focused on continuous improvement in which employees are engaged, accountable and encouraged to take responsible risks while being led by leaders who are collaborative and effective communicators.
  2. Utilize integrated planning tools to strategically allocate resources and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of student learning and service experiences.
  3. Ensure that both students and employees value our facilities and information technology resources as clear assets for their learning and work.
  4. Meet and exceed a “Silver” rating in STARS sustainability measures, while continuing to plan and implement key improvements to the physical environments at all campuses, including a new Frost Campus Master Plan.
  5. Bring our Core Promise to life by focusing on the way we deliver our student experience to enhance the skills, attitudes and values that lead to success in work and life.


Our external context presents both challenges and opportunities on several fronts. Fleming will respond by undertaking intensive analysis and planning with a multi-year perspective, setting aggressive targets to build financial reserves and developing new initiatives to ensure long-term financial health.

  1. Improve financial sustainability by doubling our financial reserves to allow for more investment in capital and learning resources.
  2. Grow overall enrolment and new revenue streams through effective program portfolio management, the launch of new contract training programs for both domestic and international markets and through enhancements to our enrolment and retention processes.
  3. Complete a college-wide, multi-year Meta Project that will focus on growth, revenue, expenditure reduction and redesign to enhance quality and competitiveness while improving financial sustainability.

Our Core Promise to Students


You will be empowered to develop both technical and life skills. You will be the architect of your own experience, choosing from an array of exceptional educational and extracurricular opportunities, within and beyond the classroom.


There is a special feeling to our campuses. Our faculty and staff members, along with your classmates, welcome, engage and support you as you live, learn and grow as part of our inclusive learning communities.


You will be equipped with the tools you need to build a better future – for yourself and for those around you. You will have renewed confidence in your skills, values and capabilities.