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All of us at Fleming are pleased to welcome students and faculty back into the classroom. We understand that this has been a time of significant concern and disruption for everyone, and we thank you for your patience during the strike. We will make every effort to provide you with the resources and supports necessary for you to succeed.

Students can get program-specific information through their academic schools. For more information:

Revised Semester Timelines

Due to the duration of the strike, we have had to make adjustments to the fall semester timelines.

  • Fall semester classes run until Friday, December 22
  • Fall semester classes will resume Tuesday, January 2 and run up to and including Monday, January 8
  • Winter semester will start on Monday, January 15
  • Winter semester classes end one week later on Friday, April 27
  • Winter break week will occur, but will be moved to one week later, March 5 to 9

As classes resume, we know that there will be a period of adjustment in the days ahead and we are committed to making your return as smooth as possible.

Strike Relief Fund

The Student Strike Relief fund was established to support full-time learners who have incurred – or may incur – unexpected, incremental/additional expenses due to strike related reasons. Students currently registered in a fall 2017 program and who have incurred unexpected costs as a result of the strike, may apply for funding support up to a maximum of $500 starting Wednesday November 29, 2017.

Who can apply?

All full-time domestic and international students currently enrolled in the fall 2017 term are eligible to apply. Students who withdraw from the fall are not eligible to apply/receive funding.

When and how can students apply?

At Fleming, the on-line application will be accessible through your myCampus portal and navigating to your Student Centre. Inside your Student Centre select the Student Strike Relief Fund link under Student Self Service Options. The application will be available starting Wednesday November 29, 2017. The application will remain open until the end of the term – April 27, 2018.

What costs are eligible?

  • Incremental travel costs (costs of rescheduling plane, train, or bus tickets)
  • Incremental livings costs including food and housing
  • Incremental child care expenses
  • Other incremental expenses based on individual needs or circumstances.

When will relief funding be provided?

Applicants will be notified of the refund decision within 10 business days of submission. Approved applications will receive a cheque within 3 to 5 days of the decision. Cheques will be sent via direct mail to the home address that we have on file.

What if my incremental expenses are more than $500?

The Student Strike Relief Fund allows for a maximum of $500. However, if your additional expenses exceed the $500 limit, the Financial Aid Office will review what other options are available to you. Inquiries can be directed to

Is there an appeals process in place?

The appeals process is located here:
Student Strike Relief Fund Appeal Process
Student Strike Relief Fund Appeal Application

Who can I contact for more information?

Inquiries related to the Student Strike Relief Fund can be direct to

Q &A

Last updated: 22/11/2017 4:28pm

What are the new key dates for the fall semester?

The semester will run until December 22 in the fall. Fall semester classes will resume January 2, 2018, and the semester will conclude on Monday January 8th.

What timetable do I follow if I was taking a 7 week course before the strike?

If you were enrolled in a course that was scheduled to finish in week 7, completion plans for this course will be provided to you. In the meantime, if you have new courses scheduled to start week 9 you will notice them on your timetable. Please attend these courses as per your timetable.

How will I get my semester completion plan?

Academic completion plans will be put in place for each program. Detailed information will be provided by your professors when you get back.

Will the Winter 2018 fee payment deadline of December 8th for returning students stay the same?

No. The Winter 2018 fee payment deadline has been extended until December 15th.

Can I withdraw and get a full refund of my fees?

All students are encouraged to come back to class and learn about the semester completion plans put in place for their program. With the adjustments made, extension of the semester and student supports put in place, students will have the opportunity to complete the semester.

The Ministry has confirmed students can withdraw and get a full refund of the tuition portion of their fees if their withdrawal is strike-related.

  • Full-time and part-time students withdrawing from all courses are eligible; partial tuition fee refunds will not be granted.
  • The tuition refund also applies to both full-time and part-time apprentices. Apprentices can apply for a full refund of classroom fees if they are unable to complete their in-school training for reasons related to the strike.
  • For students who withdraw, some ancillary fees will also be refunded.
  • Some programs have program-related fees that vary by program. Refund decisions on these fees will be at the program level and will be based on whether students have already received the benefit of the fees, e.g. a consumable item.
  • Students must withdraw in writing by submitting a signed withdrawal form by Dec. 5 to the Office of the Registrar, explaining the strike reason for their withdrawal.
  • Refunds for OSAP recipients will be sent to the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC) for credit against their outstanding loan balance (if applicable). All other refunds will be issued in the manner in which the funds were received with the exception of debit payment which will be refunded by cheque.
What are my options related to Residence?

Students living in our Fleming (Sutherland or Frost) college residences can stay until Dec. 23 (2:00 PM check out) and move back on Jan 1, 2018 (after 1:00 PM) at no additional cost.

If you are a Residence student who is withdrawing from the College, please contact the Residence Office to discuss your refund options for Residence and Meal Plans. You can also check your email account for more details.

Can I get a refund of my parking fees?

Students who withdrawal and would like a refund on their parking, can present their withdrawal form to the Information Booth. For students remaining in their program, no refunds are available for monthly or semester parking passes, your expiry dates will be extended.

For information, please visit the Information Desk or e-mail

Can I get a refund of my locker fees?

If you have paid for a locker to the end of the semester, you will have access to your locker until January 8 at no cost.

Students who withdraw from their program and already paid for a locker next semester will receive a refund. Please contact the front information desk to request for information.

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