Sustainable Agriculture Co-op Curriculum

School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences

Waitlisted for January 2019

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Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate ( 3 semesters )
Classes begin:
January 07, 2019
Offered at:
Frost Campus
Program code:
Tuition & Ancillary Fees:
$2,915.70 per semester*
$8,805.43 per semester*
* Tuition and fees subject to change.

Courses and Descriptions

Semester 1

Units/ Hours: 60

This course is designed to provide students with foundational knowledge of soil science, plant anatomy, and integrated pest management.

APST 154
Units/ Hours: 21

This 7 week course is designed to equip students with the skills needed for their work search and to develop and enhance career planning skills. Students will learn how to write competitive job search documents, interview with confidence, and will develop and use their career portfolio as a tool to identify and incorporate career goals into the job search process.

Units/ Hours: 30

This course is designed to provide hands-on experience in the selection, safe operation and maintenance of equipment commonly found in the small scale farm operation including hand tools, small power tools, rototillers, tractors / front end loaders and chainsaws.

Units/ Hours: 60

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to small-scale livestock production and the mixed farm operation. Focus topics include the principles of livestock husbandry, pasture management and forage production, as well as livestock selection and breeding.

Units/ Hours: 65

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of market garden and greenhouse operation including seed selection, plant propogation, tillage, cultivation and irrigation.

Units/ Hours: 15

This first section of the program introduces the foundational principles of sustainable, ecological or natural farming practices based on environmental stewardship, farmer profitability and social responsibility.

Semester 2

Units/ Hours: 805

This mandatory, paid co-op work term, allows the student to gain on-farm experience as they actively participate in the sustainable agriculture industry. It provides the student with the opportunity to apply existing knowledge and skills obtained in semester one of the program.


Semester 3

Units/ Hours: 35

This course is designed to provide a context and overview of the systems and processes that frame the new sustainable agriculture business start-up and its effective operation.

Units/ Hours: 35

This course is designed to give students a basic knowledge of financial accounting as it applies to an agricultural business. The focus is on managerial accounting and external reporting.

Units/ Hours: 60

This course is designed to give students an introduction to various speciality focuses in sustainable agriculture including beekeeping, orcharding, and food processing.

Units/ Hours: 30

In this capstone course, students will create a reflective project that synthesizes research, theory and application of concepts learned throughout the program. The project bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Units/ Hours: 50

This course is intended to provide students with an applied knowledge of business diversification and marketing with a focus on concepts that are transferable across all marketing avenues. Students will be required to complete a thorough marketing plan for their business plan.