International Business Management Curriculum

Accepting Applications for January 2021

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Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate ( 2 semesters )
Classes begin:
January 18, 2021
Offered at:
Sutherland Campus
Program code:
Tuition & Ancillary Fees:
$2,324.91 per semester*
$9,122.69 per semester*
* Tuition and fees subject to change.

Vocational Learning Outcomes

  • Conduct an environmental scan to evaluate the impact of world issues on an organization's international business opportunities.
  • Conduct, evaluate and present market research to support an organization's international business decision-making.
  • Manage the preparation of documents and the application of procedures to support the movement of products and services in the organization's global supply chain.
  • Evaluate the impact of statutory and regulatory compliance on an organization's integrative trade initiatives.
  • Develop and implement strategies to negotiate effectively within various cultural environments and to address the impact of cultural differences on an organization's integrative trade initiatives.
  • Develop and present an international marketing plan, and evaluate sales strategies that support an organization's integrative trade initiatives.
  • Identify and interpret relevant international financial documents, and evaluate financial strategies that support an organization's integrative trade initiatives.
  • Analyze the impact of an organization's integrative trade initiatives on its human resources management strategies, policies, and practices.
  • Develop and present an international business plan.
  • Manage the implementation and evaluation of team projects by applying project management principles.
  • Recommend strategies to support principles of corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility and ethics associated with an organization's integrative trade initiatives and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Select and apply current technologies to support an organization's integrative trade initiatives.

Courses and Descriptions

Semester 1

Units/ Hours: 45

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the preparation and use of accounting information in Canada. Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP) will be used to record, report and analyze the financial transactions and operating results of a business.

MGMT 311
Units/ Hours: 45

Essential knowledge for success in the program. Exploration of the Canadian business climate and in depth treatment of the technical and soft skills required and a comprehensive approach to research and documentation.

MKTG 120
Units/ Hours: 45

Research and plan the export of products to international markets, focus on decision making and planning. Find information on foreign markets, create market profiles, plan market entry, financing, and ready a product for export.

MKTG 119
Units/ Hours: 45

Marketing products and services internationally using a managerial approach essential in a rapidly changing international environment. Marketing strategies and tactics to facilitate the management of international marketing plans.

COMM 198
Units/ Hours: 45

This course teaches foundational skills in writing and speaking to support students in their postgraduate Business programs while also preparing them for the communication demands of the contemporary Business workplace. Working both individually and collaboratively, students learn a variety of Business workplace writing formats, including e-mails, memos, and reports. The course also covers research, APA citation and documentation, professional presentations, working in teams, and communicating across cultures.

LAWS 252
Units/ Hours: 45

Principles, customs, and rules governing behaviour, relationship, and interdependence, between nations and organizations. Contracts, dispute resolution, product liability, intellectual property, legal structures of companies and joint ventures.

Semester 2

COMP 494
Units/ Hours: 45

Overview of Enterprise Resource Planning using SAP software in a technology enabled database. Students operate a virtual company while using the various SAP modules in sales, marketing, accounting, purchasing, operations and human resources.

MGMT 226
Units/ Hours: 45

The market demands organizations in all sectors to institute strong CSR policies. This case-based course examines ethical dilemmas in domestic and international projects so that students can make ethical and sustainable business decisions.

Units/ Hours: 45

Overview of Supply Chain processes from sourcing through operations to logistics. Concepts such as Lean Six Sigma and negotiations skills will be taught using simulations.

Units/ Hours: 45

Recognition, assessment and synthesis of government regulations is necessary for the international movement of goods across borders. Students will be able to apply legislation, procedures, and complete documentation to facilitate international trade.

MGMT 171
Units/ Hours: 45

Increased globalization and competition makes innovation essential. This course analyses kinds of innovation, underlying characteristics of innovators and allows students to practise and demonstrate their own creativity.

MGMT 312
Units/ Hours: 45

An introduction to effective project management based on PMI principles that provide students with the techniques to manage projects in the corporate and entrepreneurial environments.