Independent Studio Practice Curriculum

Formerly named: Studio Process Advancement

Haliburton School of Art + Design

Accepting Applications for May 2020

Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate ( 1 semester )
Classes begin:
May 04, 2020
Offered at:
Haliburton Campus
Program code:
Tuition & Ancillary Fees:
$3,620.69 (program total including fees)*
$12,768.87 (program total including fees)*
* Tuition and fees subject to change.

Vocational Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret artwork using historical and/or contemporary perspectives to gain knowledge and understanding that can be applied to an independent studio practice.
  • Negotiate ideological and critical discourse to further establish and clarify one's own perceptions, rationale (decisions), and artistic positioning within a broader artistic context.
  • Present contemporary artwork which reflects various issues in our culture and ideologies.
  • Develop concepts through studio and written work which challenge conventional artistic practices and perceptions.
  • Produce a body of work in visual art that reflects a development in individual focus.
  • Use best practices, with respect to environmental and personal health, in shared studio design and operations.
  • Produce a summary of artistic development in both form and content through exhibitions, portfolio development and artist's document.

Courses and Descriptions

Semester 1

Units/ Hours: 90

An artist statement communicates observations about and reflections upon the meaning and content of an artist's body of work. It should situate the work in relation to cultural and historical influences, as well as discussing its material form. This course concludes the graduate certificate, and will summarize significant observations recorded throughout the program that indicate new goals and objectives. Through collective discourse and independent development, students will present a culminating artists talk on their current body of work, which will include a set of artist's documents and professional documentation of their work.

Units/ Hours: 42

Experiencing the rich offerings of the contemporary world enables the artist to contextualize their own values and art practices in relation to the events constantly unfolding in art, craft, design, science, and technology. Students will study cultural art practices at local, national, and international levels to assess their own work in relation to that of other artists through gallery tours, research and presentation.

Units/ Hours: 30

Developing perceptive observational and critical thinking skills enables the artist to discuss the pertinent issues of form and content in works of visual art and fine craft. In addition to formal attributes, cultural, political and social content will be addressed in discussion of the developing bodies of work in the student collective. Historical and contemporary perspectives will be applied along with issues in art theory from seminar discussions.

Units/ Hours: 190

Students will choose up to four studio electives from the HSAD courses. The choice will be based on a study of materials/tools or for the experience of working with a particular artist/instructor. Students may also elect to explore new materials and processes in an independent fashion. Choices will be made in consultation with the program faculty.

Units/ Hours: 27

Students will be introduced to various theories in contemporary art and culture, and learn to use these ideologies to better understand works of contemporary art. Topics will be selected by faculty as well as students in the design of collaborative activities for the development of new insights. These will be implemented through readings in selected topics, critical discourse, research, and presentations to afford a strengthened vision and vocabulary around visual art.

Units/ Hours: 270

The Independent Studio Practice Graduate Certificate focuses on initiating and maintaining an independently managed studio practice. Exercising skills in observation and reflection, the students will undertake the considered development and presentation of one or more series of works. Students will work in consultation with faculty to further ongoing studio works.