Global Business Management Curriculum

Accepting Applications for September 2019

See curriculum for: January 2020
Credential: Ontario College Graduate Certificate ( 4 semesters )
Classes begin:
September 03, 2019
Offered at:
Sutherland Campus
Program code:
Tuition & Ancillary Fees:
$2,810.77 per semester*
$9,225.63 per semester*
* Tuition and fees subject to change.

Courses and Descriptions

Semester 1

MGMT 255
Units/ Hours: 30

This course provides an orientation to international and global business studies. By providing students with a learning community form which to expand their skills, as well as key foundational knowledge, they will be able to integrate the course work taking place across the first semester.

Units/ Hours: 45

The examination of production, inventory management and transporting a product from producer to the final customer is the basis for this course. Students will be able to critically appraise current logistics procedures as well as construct new plans and how they tie into the overall business strategy.

MKTG 120
Units/ Hours: 45

This course is designed to teach the learner how to research and plan the export of existing products to foreign markets all over the world. This course focuses on the research, decision and planning stages, while International Marketing focuses on the process of executing the tactical components of the international marketing plan. In this course the student will learn how to find information regarding foreign markets, create country and market profiles, plan market entry, find financing, and understand how to ready a product for exporting.

MKTG 119
Units/ Hours: 45

This course is designed to introduce students to the complexity of marketing products and services to international markets. It takes a managerial approach to analyzing and assessing marketing in today's complex, rapidly changing international business environment. Students will gain a fundamental knowledge of marketing strategies as well as the major tactics used by global marketers to facilitate the management of their international marketing plans.

MGMT 180
Units/ Hours: 45

This course provides an overview of project integration management that includes the concepts governing the role of the project team in organizations and management of projects through all lifecycle phases.

LAWS 252
Units/ Hours: 45

This course introduces students to the overall concepts, principles, customs, and rules that govern the behaviours, relationships, and interdependence between nations, international organizations, and corporations. An emphasis will be placed on the areas of contracts, dispute resolution, product liability, intellectual property, the legal structure of businesses and joint venture agreements.

Semester 2

COMP 494
Units/ Hours: 45

This course will provide students with an overview of an Enterprise Resource Planning system using internationally compatible SAP software in a technology enabled data base. Lessons will emphasize exposing students to the entire enterprise including: sales, marketing, accounting, purchasing, operations and human resources. Participants will operate a virtual company while using the various SAP application modules.

MGMT 226
Units/ Hours: 45

Students learn current corporate practices related to stakeholder management, sustainability and philanthropy and how these are used to achieve organizational and project objectives. Differences in international and regional belief structures are covered.

Units/ Hours: 45

Recognition, assessment and the synthesis of government regulations is necessary for the international movement of goods across borders. At the end of this course, students will be able to apply legislation, procedures, and complete documentation to facilitate international trade.

MGMT 171
Units/ Hours: 45

As the world becomes more globalized and businesses face steeper competition one of the keys to success will be innovation. This course analyses the various kinds of innovation, the underlying characteristics of innovators and, through various methods, will allow students to practise and demonstrate their own creativity.

Units/ Hours: 45

This course is designed to make students aware of the tools used in financing and collection of international transactions, and the contemporary facets of foreign-exchange markets. In addition students will be able to distinguish different accounting systems, and develop a variety of strategies to assist in developing financial and business plans.

Semester 3

Units/ Hours: 45

This course will provide students with an in-depth knowledge of Management Accounting and controlling. It will focus on tools and techniques that support and develop analytical skills in finance through the use of theory questions, practical problems, and mini cases to illustrate successful business decisions making.

MGMT 259
Units/ Hours: 30

This course prepares and provides students with all necessary tools, techniques and skills to execute and successfully complete an applied project or internship.

COMM 197
Units/ Hours: 45

Global organizations expect future managers to express themselves and their management messages verbally, in writing and via a wide range of other tools and technologies. This course builds on students' existing presentation and communication skills and will challenge them to take their oral and written skills to a more professional business level.

MGMT 256
Units/ Hours: 45

Creating and designing a strategy that is in line with a company's culture and market position is critical for success. This course explores how global and international corporations formulate and design winning strategies that enable them to create a competitive advantage in a quickly developing global business environment. It examines all environmental aspects and business concepts that support a corporation in determining a successful business strategy.

MGMT 257
Units/ Hours: 30

This course provides a practical focus for global entrepreneurship. A simulation start-up game is part of the program so real life issues can be dealt with and experienced. Throughout the course, students will be investigating the hard skills and soft skills involved in being a successful global entrepreneur. Looking at practical tools and techniques to start and run a company but also the management skills of how to motivate employees, be a charismatic leader, and drive a business through optimism.

MGMT 258
Units/ Hours: 45

The Organizational behaviour course studies and applies knowledge about people and groups which act in international organizations. It investigates how human behaviour creates and shapes organizational dynamics and cultures. It will explore what factors and issues influence and shape those global markets and culture within organizations. The course will develop knowledge about how to effectively impact and change this behaviour and create cultures that drive international competitive advantage.

Semester 4

APST 150
Units/ Hours: 150

Students, under the supervision of mentors, will be given real life international business projects that require research, analysis and the identification of solutions. Students will initiate, plan, execute and close a project identified by a partner organization. Students need to effectively manage all the stakeholders involved and ensure proper communication throughout the life of the applied project. Students will conduct team, client and mentor meetings to ensure that the project stays on track and within the defined scope. Students will bring value to the project sponsor through the use of appropriate research, practising effective meeting and project management tools and looking for innovation and efficiencies to enhance the project.

MGMT 262
Units/ Hours: 30

This course includes hands-on training that will help students to build their resume and online portfolio on appropriate platforms. In addition to finding and using the right websites, this course supports students in developing strategies for networking and identifying positions that meet their skills and qualifications. Extensive use of role play exercises support students in developing effective interview techniques.

MGMT 261
Units/ Hours: 30

High performance teams distinguish themselves by being flexible enough to effectively combine tools and techniques from a variety of disciplines as the need arises. Globalization in the workplace can complicate the ability of a team to reach a high level of performance. In this course, students will use a number of role play exercises to develop proficiency in the combined use of concepts in project management, conflict resolution, team motivation as well as best practices in communications and meeting management.

MGMT 260
Units/ Hours: 45

This course builds on material covered in previous courses providing students with an understanding of the concepts governing international economics including currency exchanges, international trade and capital flows, fiscal and monetary policies, as well as economic development.