Geothermal Systems

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Program Highlights

Within the program, students are introduced to the fundamentals of geothermal energy, the heating and cooling energy loads of buildings, and geothermal resources, including geological formations, groundwater, lakes and rivers. Students also learn the procedures to install loops – grouting techniques and joining the loops to the internal geothermal system.

The first semester of this program is held at Fleming’s Frost Campus in Lindsay, Ont. It focuses on the specialized drilling skills and knowledge required to install, maintain and repair the loop field of a geothermal system. This includes construction safety, soil analysis, hydrogeology, drilling, trenching, grouting, and pipe installation. Students undertake hands-on lab and field work, using the on-campus drill rigs.

The second semester, hosted at Fleming’s Sutherland Campus in Peterborough provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to design, install, maintain and repair the hydronic systems within a building, and connecting the system to the loop field. Labs take place in the state-of-the-art Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in the installation and repair of system components, including hydronics, pipes and electrical. This semester will also introduce students to technologies related to smart home monitoring.

Why are these skills in demand?

Geothermal systems heat and cool homes and businesses by transferring heat to or from the ground or bodies of water. They are a proven environmental alternative to heating with fossil fuels and can play a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Green government incentives and tax credits have increased demand for geothermal systems, and there is an immediate need for qualified geothermal systems installers. Research further supports the continued growth of geothermal systems in the future.

Why Choose Fleming

There are no other college programs in Canada that focus on this specific set of skills and knowledge.

Fleming is a leader in environmental studies and sustainability. This program uniquely combines the exceptional learning facilities and faculty expertise at our renowned School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences and our School of Trades and Technology.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Prepare and maintain geothermal engineering records, logs, and inventories to meet industry standards
  • Produce and analyze project drawings, documents and graphics to appropriate, current geothermal industry standards
  • Follow health and safety standards and workplace best practices to all aspects of work done in geothermal projects
  • Collaborate in the successful design, construction, operation, and maintenance of integrated geothermal systems
  • Solve routine and non-routine technical problems in order to ensure the successful design, construction, operation and maintenance of geothermal systems
  • Complete all work in compliance with contractual obligations, applicable laws, standards, bylaws, codes, regulations, and accepted engineering practices
  • Analyze geothermal system feasibility, including economics, site-specific technical requirements, and environmental impacts in order to meet clients' needs
  • Analyze and test soils, groundwater, and surface water to determine suitability and type of geothermal systems
  • Research and apply current and future trends and technologies in geothermal systems to best meet clients’ needs

Career Opportunities

The options for careers in the field are varied across both the private and public sector, and could include:

  • Mechanical Engineering Technician/Technologist
  • HVAC Technician
  • Geothermal Driller
  • Thermal Station Technician
  • Heating Designer
  • Energy Management Coordinator

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