Educational Support - Advanced Standing Curriculum

Accepting Applications for September 2019

Credential: Ontario College Diploma ( 4 semesters )
Classes begin:
September 03, 2019
Offered at:
Sutherland Campus
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Courses and Descriptions

Semester 2

COMM 202
Units/ Hours: 45

Communications II, building on the foundation of Communications I, is a blended course that teaches students to write and communicate for a variety of professional situations. In seminars, labs and online modules, students will develop a professional portfolio that demonstrates their abilities to meet the challenges of a changing workplace.

Units/ Hours: 15

This course is the in-class portion of the student's first field placement.

Units/ Hours: 14

This course studies the educational implications that may accompany physical disabilities resulting from a variety of disorders such as neurological defects, orthopaedic conditions, birth defects, infection or disease. The student will acquire knowledge of methods, materials and equipment that will assist in meeting the pupils' special needs at school.

Units/ Hours: 45

In this course, students will gain an understanding of the role distinction between teachers and educational assistants. Topics include the philosophy and structure of education, child abuse policies, classification of tasks, responsibilities, courtesies, and confidentiality. Students will develop practical skills in record keeping and the use of audiovisual materials and resources.

Units/ Hours: 45

The aim of this course is to provide learners with concrete skills that will help them manage challenging behaviours in the classroom. By way of class discussions and assignments, learners will be able to increase their knowledge of theories and strategies for effective student behaviour management and to integrate theory (from previous and present courses) with practice.

Units/ Hours: 45

This course will provide the opportunity for the student to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to effectively meet the needs of children and adults who are identified as being on the autism spectrum.

Semester 3

Units/ Hours: 45

In this course, students will gain an understanding of behaviour analysis as a methodology to effectively identify challenging and problem behaviour in children and implement strategies to assist in changing the identified behaviour, in a variety of settings. Topics include data collection techniques, functional behaviour assessment, positive and negative reinforcement and cognitive behaviour modifications.

Units/ Hours: 196

Two days a week, over a 15 week semester, students in the Educational Assistant Program work directly with students with special needs under the direction of the classroom teacher. Students use this opportunity to develop the skills they are acquiring concurrently in college classes.

Units/ Hours: 45

This course will introduce students to the major areas of exceptionality as they are found in children. Knowledge and skills related to individual program planning will also be included.

Units/ Hours: 45

This course provides the opportunity for students to study the process by which children acquire language in all its forms.

Units/ Hours: 45

This course will introduce students to the Ontario Elementary School Curriculum for mathematics. A brief refresher will be given to create competency in the five strands of mathematics as followed by schools in the province and become fluent with the necessary vocabulary. Students will understand the use of manipulatives and learn to integrate their use into the mathematics program. Students will develop and share instructional materials and learn how to modify programming in a classroom to accommodate the needs of the exceptional child. Students will also develop competency in using a variety of assessment tools.

Semester 4

Units/ Hours: 245

Students will be in an educational setting for a period of seven weeks. They will put into practice the theories and practical applications of their course studies.