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in Cook Apprentice Level 1 (Basic)

Advance in your culinary career - start with the Cook Apprentice program.

Please note: We are not currently accepting applications for this program.

Our Cook Apprentice program is designed for students who are interested in a culinary career, and for those who are currently working in the industry and want to acquire the skills necessary for advancement. You will develop culinary skills and knowledge, communication skills, and business skills. Extensive applied projects provide students with hands- on experience in cuisine creation for restaurants and commercial settings, as well as operations management.

This program is offered as a part-time studies schedule (two days per week) allowing you to earn while you learn.

While you’re completing two in-school training sessions of 360 hours each, you’ll hone your practical food preparation skills. You will also learn food preparation theory and how to manage a kitchen, including food, beverage, and labour management, and menu creation.

Specialty courses in nutrition and modern pastry techniques and will round out your knowledge. You will also learn the latest trends in artisanal cookery including garde manager- the art of the cold kitchen: charcuterie, curing and smoking methods, and making your own bacon.

You’ll be trained by industry-leading professionals who have extensive experience in all sectors of the food service sector. As an apprentice, you’ll have to be working as a cook in a commercial kitchen or an institutional food service operation while you are in the program. It’s an asset if you have the following skills, abilities, and personality traits:

  • creativity
  • good problem solving skills
  • good organizational and time management skills
  • the ability to work under pressure or to deadlines
  • a commitment to customer service
  • willingness to upgrade skills/learn new techniques throughout your career

Where do you want to go? What kind of hours would you like to work? What type of cuisine intrigues you? No matter where or when you want to work, or the cuisine of choice, there’s plenty of opportunity for you as a competent, creative cook. You may want to travel abroad to experience different cultures, or work closer to your hometown. A career in food service gives you options: work in restaurants, hotels, resorts, institutional settings such as hospitals, or corporate settings. You could also choose to start your own enterprise.

Once you’ve completed your cook apprenticeship program and passed the industry standard examination, you’ll be a certified journeyman cook. You may want to consider taking additional training to expand your career horizons, and allow you to pursue related or management positions.

Other related programs include: Culinary Management

  • OSSD or equivalent

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