Carpenter - General Apprentice (Basic) Curriculum

Apprenticeship for January 2021

See curriculum for: May 2021
Credential: Apprenticeship ( 8 weeks )
Classes begin:
January 18, 2021
Offered at:
Sutherland Campus
Program code:
Tuition & Ancillary Fees:
$400.00 per semester*
* Tuition and fees subject to change.

Courses and Descriptions

Semester 1

Units/ Hours: 32

This course is split into two sections, each of 16 hours duration. Section 1 will review the basic mathematical principles as required by a general carpenter. Topics covered will include fractions, decimals, the metric system, mensuration, ratio & proportion, Pythagorean Theorem and trade related estimating problems. Section 2 will introduce the student to the basic principle of geometry as they apply to construction layout. Topics covered will include line-work, angles & triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, polygons, the ellipse, ratio & proportion and arches.

Units/ Hours: 24

This course provides an introduction to basic drafting fundamentals and practices, including freehand orthographic and pictorial sketching: the interpretation and dimensional calculation of mechanical and architectural residential working drawings: familiarization with the Ontario Building Code: and the use of wood member span tables.

Units/ Hours: 168

This course covers the common types of wood, wood structures, wood joints, and hardware used in today's construction. The selection, safe use, and maintenance of hand tools, portable power tools, and stationary power tools required by the carpenter on a typical construction site will also be covered.

Units/ Hours: 16

The apprentice will develop knowledge of both the Oxy-Fuel (OFW) and Arc Welding (SMAW) processes. The theory and practice of safe practices, set-up, and operating principles will be taught. Fusion welding on light and heavy steel in the flat and horizontal positions, and brazing and manual flame cutting will be taught.