Fleming Culinary Management graduate opens new restaurant in his hometown

Culinary Management graduate and restaurant owner Om Patel

Peterborough ON – (May 28, 2021) – Today is International Burger Day! To celebrate, we’re recognizing alumnus Om Patel, who graduated from Fleming’s Culinary Management program in 2019 and two years later, combined his passion for Indian cuisine and love for burgers to open his own restaurant The Dirty Burger Company.

“I was inspired to start The Dirty Burger Company so that I have a place that makes fresh and flavourful burgers. Where I know the food comes in fresh every day, and where I can serve people clean, un-processed meals that everyone loves! That is my inspiration,” said Patel.

The Dirty Burger Company is located in the heart of Peterborough and offers a selection of fresh ground beef smash burgers, hand-cut fries, and delicious veggie dishes, including the Dirty Veg Burger, served with sweet and spicy chutneys and roasted peanuts on a potato bun. 

Despite the challenges many businesses are facing during the pandemic, Patel was determined to provide a place that offered delicious clean food options.

“From someone who has been through a lot health-wise, I’m confident enough to say that I believe all problems start in the gut. I’m looking to inspire people to believe in what we do every day. Create a new passion for foodies and encourage others to eat fresh, not frozen.” 

Since opening in April, The Dirty Burger Company has had a steady pace of customers.

“Response is great! We’ve received a lot of support from the downtown folk. Once beer is flowing and the summer hits, we hope to continue building our customer base.”

In addition to prioritizing fresh ingredients, Patel wanted to build a strong team around him and, since opening, has hired two Fleming students and employs five culinary alumni.

“I reached out to my professor Chef Steven Benns and in a flash, I had two resumes in my inbox. Both students are ambitious and hard-working. It’s been a pleasure to have them in my kitchen.” 

Patel’s time in Fleming’s School of Trades and Technology taught him that owning and running a restaurant is hard work, but it’s a beautiful thing to be able to provide to others.

“I learned from chefs who care about where their students go and who help them to become successful. Chef Steve Moghini keeps the standard of traditional nouvelle cuisine true by setting high standards in his kitchen. And Chef Nick Draker is one of the hardest working teachers, with charisma and passion for what he does.” 

Patel hopes to inspire others to chase their dreams and looks forward to building a relationship with the Peterborough community through his love of food. 

“Being your own boss allows you to teach others what you have learned in the time you have been on this earth, so that they can help you build your dream. Don’t expect it to be overnight. It’s all about patience and perseverance.”