Community partnership: Blueboxing @ Fleming

Blueboxing @ Fleming is a group of volunteers who work together to help staff, students and visitors to Fleming College’s Sutherland Campus better understand how to reduce waste and divert from landfill.

You have probably seen us in the lower part of the cafeteria and wondered what we do. Blueboxing works in partnership with Fleming and Community Living Peterborough, which provides the opportunity for people with or without disabilities to work together for a greener campus.

Blueboxing @ Fleming has been at the college for over 20 years. It started at the college by helping sort recycling, washing trays and cleaning tables.

This job has now evolved and Blueboxing now focuses on educating students and visitors, collecting paper and reusing it when possible, collecting ink cartridges, batteries from drop-off locations, washing blue bins that are located around the college, working with the Green Objective (GO) Committee and Student Administrative Council (SAC) on many of their environmental initiatives, as well as making bookmarks for the library and other groups out of reusable resources found throughout the college. We also have been making a wide range of notepads and scratch pads for students and faculty to use.

The Blueboxing Volunteers are looking for more opportunities to work for you so please come and see us, or call us at 705-743-2412 Ext. 306 if you have any ideas. You can also e-mail us at or check us out on Facebook (Blueboxing at Fleming).

Blueboxing is currently looking for the following items to collect:

  • Used greeting cards for all occasions – drop box in the staff room
  • Pennies for the Humane Society – drop off to room 607 during the summer or come see us in the cafeteria in the fall
  • Used cell phones – drop box located in room 607 during the summer and in the cafeteria in the fall
  • Used batteries – drop boxes located in the staff room or room 607 during the summer and in the cafeteria in the fall
  • Used eye glasses and hearing aids for the Lion’s Club – drop box in the library
  • Pop can tabs for the March of Dimes – drop off to room 607 during the summer or in the cafeteria in the fall

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