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Health Sciences Building Campaign

Health Sciences Building Campaign Table of Contents

In the School of Health and Wellness and the School of Justice and Community Development at Fleming College, we believe that leaders who work together must learn together.

Breaking down the barriers between disciplines and providing the education and practical experiences graduates need to thrive in an interconnected system of health and social services is our top priority. Ensuring we have the high-tech, integrated spaces in which to accomplish our goals is our most urgent need.

Leveraging support from the federal and provincial governments and a substantial investment from the College, we are inviting our community to help renew the nearly half century-old classrooms and laboratories of Fleming’s Sutherland Campus “A-Wing”. This wing consists of 76,000 square feet of space that will be redesigned and reconfigured to enhance quality in health science education and skills training. Renovations will create shared learning, simulation and gathering spaces, deliver more interdisciplinary learning experiences and bridge the gap between education and practice.

With your help, we will ensure the next generation has what it takes to take care of this one . . . together. Your gift will go far beyond the walls of the renovated wing. It will reach to the people you’re investing in – in their skills, hopes and dreams. Your generosity will be felt by the whole community and you’ll leave a legacy that makes a lasting impact.

Fundraising Goal: $1,000,000

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