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Haliburton School of Art + Design Faculty Cabins Upgrades Project

You can help to ensure the Haliburton School of Art + Design (HSAD) continues to offer courses by the most talented artists in Canada by supporting the Faculty Cabin Upgrades Project.

Each summer, outstanding visual artists, performers and designers from across Canada travel to Haliburton to share their talents by teaching in our summer art program. While at the campus faculty reside in rustic cabins onsite that were built in the 1970's. Without these cabins however, the School would not be able to attract and retain artists who live beyond the local area due to the high cost and low availability of accommodation in Haliburton, in particular in the summer months.

The 8 onsite cabins which welcome more than 150 artists annually are in need of major renovations to ensure we provide the best space possible for Canada’s creative talent. Being able to offer this renewed type of accommodation to our seasonal faculty will allow us to continue to attract the best of the best in Canadian artistry, which provides a better experience for all our students.

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