Robert G. Jameson/OACETT Engineering Technology Fund

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Robert G. Jameson/OACETT Engineering Technology Fund

Estimated Value: $1000
1 available in the fall semester

This fund was established by the Donors to assist Sir Sandford Fleming College of Applied Arts and Technology (the "College") students.

OACETI is a member-based, professional association of over 24,500 engineering technicians and technologists. OACETI is Ontario's independent certifying body for engineering and applied science technicians and technologists and confers the designation C. Tech (Certified Technician) and C.E.T. (Certified Engineering Technologist).

For over 25 years, the Carole and George Fletcher Foundation has been fostering excellence and building skilled capacity for engineering and applied science technology through student support in education. The 25 for 25 Building Forward Campaign was launched to expand the Foundation's award program with the goal of awarding deserving students a $1,000 award annually at each college in the province.

Bob Jameson C.E.T., Fellow OACETI, a proud and passionate graduate of the Electromechanical Technology program {1982) and an active alumnus, has generously contributed hundreds of hours to many College committees and projects. As the President/Owner of Canadian Instrumentation Services Group (CISG), Bob has built a company founded on a commitment to business excellence and staff development. Bob knows first-hand that his chosen career has been a passport to a very rewarding and fulfilling life. Bob credits his success based on a solid education, OACETT accreditation and on-the-job learning. Bob believes the combination of these three elements can offer anyone who is willing to work hard a wide variety of exciting career options. This bursary is Bob's way of paying forward to help ease the financial burden for a student who is committed to pursuing their passion in the trades and technology fields.

Awarded to a student that is enrolled full-time in the 2nd, 4th, and 6th semester in any of the following programs or Technician/Technologist programs that may be added to the College's offerings in subsequent years; Environmental Technician, Environmental Technology, Fish & Wildlife Technician, Geomatics Technician, Forestry Technician, Electrical Engineering Technician, Fire Systems Engineering Technician, Earth Resources Technician, Ecosystem Management Technician, Computer Engineering Technician, Computer Engineering Technology, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician with a minimum GPA of 3.0 who demonstrates leadership through participation as a varsity
athlete or in student government.

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