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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Tiffany Howe

Tiffany Howe is a multidisciplinary artist who creates mixed media paintings, sculptures, earrings, textile and installation art using recycled materials, found objects, photography, lasers, design and tech. Her creative vision is based on finding potential in materials while exploring themes of nostalgia, body dysmorphia, inspiration overload, chronic pain, and anthropomorphism. She was raised in the village of Haliburton and currently resides there in a heritage building on the same street she grew up on. Serendipitously, her home and studio are in what was previously an iconic general store she frequented as a child. Locally, she is an award-winning artist and teacher, an inspiration coach, performer, and model. She was the curator at the Ethel Curry Gallery for over 15 years before its closure in fall of 2023.

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