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Faculty: Thomas Luloff

Thomas Luloff , Professor

Hello and welcome to Fleming College! I am coordinator of the Common First and Second semesters at the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences, and also a professor in the Fish and Wildlife program.

I take great satisfaction in my job of helping students in first semester to adjust to college, both academically and socially, and in helping them to choose the best program to suit their career interest.

In first semester, our goal is to showcase all of the School’s programs. We also aim to inspire students through applied learning and hands-on activities, and through outdoor field trips that maximize face-to-face contact with our professors and technologists.

I also get to work more exclusively in the Fish and Wildlife program, where I teach many of the courses in the final semester, including topics such as pathology, wildlife diseases and animal anatomy. I try to apply as many industry and research opportunities as I can, in particular my work at the Toronto Zoo with the Eastern Loggerhead shrike. These birds have been declining for decades and are now reduced to about 200 in total. I get my students involved in this research and in the field work activities that I participate in throughout the province.

Good luck with your future endeavors and hopefully we see you at Fleming College!

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