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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Sherry Squires

Sherry Squires graduated with BMus and BMus Ed from Memorial University and has enjoyed a varied and fulfilling career. While in Newfoundland she taught private piano lessons, as well as elementary and secondary school, and was sought after as an accompanist and coach. In 1985, she moved to Toronto where has she worked as an accompanist, organist, teacher, vocal coach, music director for community theatre and conductor of a staff choir for the Bayer Company. In 1987, she started teaching at St. Christopher House, now known as West Neighbourhood House, where she now coordinates the music programs and conducts the choir, Toronto Song Lovers. She has also been the accompanist for the Jubilate Singers choir since 1986 and is founding member, arranger and music director for Daughters of the Rock, an a cappella trio of women whose mandate is to bring the folk music of Newfoundland to those outside the province.

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