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Faculty: Scott King

Scott King

Education and Experience

  • Studied Horticulture at the University of Guelph
  • Studied Sustainable Agriculture at Fleming College in 2015
  • Worked for the Oakville Municipal Greenhouse in 2012
  • Worked as a Groundskeeper at Ridgetown Campus in 2013
  • Farmhand + Manager at Cedar Grove Organic Farm since 2012
  • Proprietor of Cedar Grove Organic Farm in 2016

About Me

I'm going to keep this bio lean and succinct. In 2012 I became fascinated with the mechanics of nature, and decided to pursue formal education on the subject. I started with Horticulture because I was interested in the propagation and germination side of growing.

I learned a good deal of simple, rock-solid propagation techniques from my greenhouse management teacher, Mike Gladstone. I became interested with the mechanics of soil in particular, because it is the foundation of all plant life.

I spent my summers working as a farmhand at a farm 20 minutes from Lindsay, Cedar Grove Organic Farm, where I was taught the practical skills required for farming (using tractor implements, perseverance, etc.)

Something I started to realize was that many environmentally harsh agricultural practices are the result of poor environmental management, and can be mitigated if proper cultural practices are followed. My aim with the soil science modules is to provide an objective, simple-to-follow understanding of soil sciences, and the techniques used to sustain and augment the land while simultaneously producing agricultural commodities.

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