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Faculty: Rhonda Morley Causton

Rhonda Morley Causton has been nominated five times and won three times in the past three years, for outstanding makeup FX in film at film festivals in Canada and the US. She became well versed in makeup application, lifecasting, sculpting and mould making while attending School of Makeup Art, a private career college from which she graduated at the top of her class. Since working her first union job as head of the prosthetic makeup department on a feature film titled The First Encounter, she has done special FX and character development on many film productions - everything from music videos to big- budget feature movies. Rhonda has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Toronto's Makeup FX and movie industry, including Paul Jones (PJFX Studios) and has recently become a member of the world film industry union, IATSE. She also runs an Etsy store, selling silicone creatures, movie props and collectables that she creates.

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