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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Luke Mercier

Luke Mercier is a master violin restorer and maker having learned his skills in the renowned restoration rooms of George Heinl & Co. Ltd. in Toronto where he began his employment in 1991. Since 2006 he has been established in Hastings County, ON serving the needs of musicians locally and from afar. Luke continues to work with the Heinl team frequently and has been closely involved with the restoration and routine maintenance of the rare instruments comprising of The Canada Council for the Arts Musical Instrument Bank. Luke has made dozens of high-quality stringed instruments of the violin family and has also made many banjos that have ended up in many corners of the globe. Luke Mercier is also one of Canada's foremost fiddlers in the old-time scene. A regular technician and instructor at Jenny Whiteley's Old School Bluegrass Camp, he is known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the old-time genre as both fiddler and banjo player. Luke has played with Ken Tizzard, Stompin' Tom, Lotus Wight, Jenny Whiteley, Joey Wright and Magnificent Octopus.

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