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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

John Anderson

John Anderson,
John Anderson is an enthusiastic studio and plein air painter, working in oils and acrylics. His excitement about the language and process of painting, accompanied with an element of creative joy is infectious. As a full-time artist and instructor, John is committed to assisting, mentoring and instructing here in Canada, in Provence, and in Tuscany. As a young boy, his first major influences were the paintings of Andrew Wyeth and later meeting A Y Jackson, he was inspired to absorb the landscape tradition of Tom Thomson and members of The Group of Seven. Many more artists have become the influence from which he has drawn the building blocks of his craft. The focus of much of John's work is the light story, as he describes it. His approach is a study in how the character of light movement creates the elements of composition in a pathway of light as it touches surfaces, creating shapes in value and colour from which to build an engaging surface in paint. John is represented by The Ethel Curry Gallery in Haliburton, Double Doors Gallery in Barrie, The Art Bank Collective in Clarksburg, as well as many guest appearances in other galleries. www.johndvidanderson.ca Instagram: @jdapainter

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