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Faculty: Garry Lean

Garry Lean (P.Ag.) has a background in soil science and farming (beef, dairy, poultry, field crops and vegetables) and over 20 years of organic inspection experience in crops, livestock and processing (both in Canada and the United States). Other inspection experience includes GAP (Global Animal Partnership welfare auditing) and Non-GMO Project inspection. He is a Lead Trainer for IOIA (International Organic Inspectors Association) inspector training courses in all three IOIA Basic Courses (crop, livestock and processing) and has contributed to the development and implementation of the IOIA webinars for the Pasture Rule and Non-GMO Project.

Garry was a college professor in Agroecology/ Ecosystem Management Programs for 25 years at the Frost Campus of Fleming College. The Agroecology Program (1978 - 1988) was a two year diploma with a focus on organic agriculture and farm business management.

Garry and his wife Margaret operate "Ecosystems etc" from their 80 acre farm near Fenelon Falls - Ashwood Centre - that includes a small beef herd and riding horses. "Ecosystem etc" contracts have included curriculum development and implementation for:

  • IOIA/COG (Canadian Organic Growers) - Canadian Organic Standards for inspectors and certifiers - 2day course
  • COG - Transition to Organic Farming - 2 day course
  • EFO (Ecological Farmers Association) - Introduction to Ecological Agriculture - 2 day course
  • EFO - Train the Trainer - 2 day course

Garry holds both a Permaculture Design and a Permaculture Training Certificate and has led Permaculture Design courses in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

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