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Faculty: Elise Laviolette

Elise Laviolette,
Elise Laviolette has always had a creative flair and a knack for finding connections between seemingly unrelated concepts. An Art Therapist in private practice, she encourages people to use their innate power of imagination and creation to enhance their wellbeing. Elise believes art and creative expression bring physicality to our transient and elusive thoughts and emotions, allowing us to encounter ourselves in a way that is not always accessible through reason and speech. A graduate of the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute with an MC:AT (Counselling & Art Therapy), she also holds a BA Psychology and an M.Sc. Psychology. She has been a registered SoulCollage® facilitator since 2012 and has spent the past nine years delighting in connecting with like-minded individuals to help them use this playful approach to enhance self-care, cultivate inner wisdom, and deepen self-compassion. For more information on this self-discovery tool please visit

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