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Faculty: Anna Gaby-Trotz

Anna Gaby-Trotz, Hon BA and MFA Printmaking, is a printmaker and photographer who often travels to the most remote places in Canada to explore our relationship to the land. Her current work explores her relationship to a landscape that is melting and changing before our eyes. Whether working from the side of a river-bank or in a college or university, she believes in the transformative power of art. Following completion of her Master's degree Anna pressed this philosophy into service when she built an inner city arts program for some of the most underprivileged people in Canada. Her efforts culminated in a final show of photographs and community art titled Where We Stand, portraits that are now on permanent display in Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium. Anna operates Lift Ground Print Studio/Gallery in Huntsville and is also the Technical Director of Open Studio in Toronto. She has exhibited work in Canada, Japan, and the US.

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