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Updated: 2024-04-24 10:35:47

Alyssa Getz

Alyssa Getz
Alyssa Agetz is a graduate of Sheridan College's glass program. She now teaches at Sheridan, sharing her skills with emerging artists in the field. Alyssa was a resident at The Living Arts Center for 8 years, during this time she developed the body of work; The Multiverse. A colorful, pattern filled series that uses complex cane inclusions to give depth and multiple frequencies of intricacy. She has assisted on the hit television show Blown Away since season one and helped build the equipment on set. Alyssa Getz spent the summer of 2022 completing a three-month residency at Glazenhuis in Lommel Belgium. This was an opportunity to further expand on her body of work and create some pieces for the Belgium museum's permanent collection. She is an owner of Tropical Iceberg Glass a glass manufacturing business running out of the Glen Williams Mill in Georgetown Ontario.

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