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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are computer systems or software that capture, store, and display all types of spatial and geographic data. Working within those systems, GIS practitioners create, analyze and manage that data.

This is a high-demand industry with good salaries and a need for qualified graduates. As a well-respected and longstanding hub of GIS education, Fleming has strong ties to industry and employers – many of our graduates have job offers in hand before they graduate.

Within our GIS programs, we have multiple options for post-graduate students. Study full-time, part-time or online in our GIS Applications Specialist or Cartographic Specialist programs.

While the Applications Specialist and Cartographic Specialist programs have a common first semester and share about 80% of their curriculum, choosing one allows students to focus their skill sets using the latest specialized software and techniques.

Learn more – explore our suite of programs below:

GIS – Applications Specialist

In this program you will learn:

  • Enterprise GIS database development and advanced data management techniques
  • Workflow automation
  • To build interactive web mapping tools
  • Spatial analysis to explore complex problems using all types of data

GIS – Applications Specialist (Online)

This program shares the same curriculum as the Applications Specialist program. With this option, students have the flexibility to learn remotely, from their home community

Please note, while this program is offered online it is delivered live, concurrent with the GIS – Applications Specialist program.

GIS – Cartographic Specialist

In this program you will learn:

  • To analyze and visualize data using a variety of mapping techniques
  • Theory of how people process information on a cognitive level
  • Web communications for effective design and interactive maps
  • Municipal business practices and how to prepare information to support decision-making in a municipality

All three programs are also available to take on a part-time basis.

Visit the individual program pages to view curriculum and course load details:

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Student and Graduate Success

I believe that my experience at Fleming gave me the confidence to enter the workforce and provided me with a strong network of peers and mentors that helped me since I graduated. The faculty was very knowledgeable of the industry and having that insight shared with me at the beginning of my career really helped me be confident in my decisions to pursue various roles in GIS.

Matt Pietryszyn, GIS graduate, 2003

If you want a job in GIS, apply to this program, it will get you there. Quite a few organizations exclusively hire Fleming GIS graduates. The school prepares you for the real world and the teachers are professionals in their fields with a lot of first-hand experience in many different areas, provinces and countries.

Annie Brough, GIS graduate, 2017

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