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Innovation Accelerator

Ramp up success with breakthrough thinking.

This intensive one-day workshop trains you to increase your creative capacity to solve complex problems, shows you fresh approaches to break from old habits and traditional processes and teaches you how to foster creativity, inspire new ideas and encourage strategic approaches. This workshop includes a FourSight Assessment, which will give you insight into your own preferred way of clarifying, generating, developing, and implementing ideas. You will be prepared to apply creative problem-solving tools, skills and behaviours to meet any challenge.

  • Discover your own creative thinking preference and style and how that can help and hinder effective problem solving
  • Use new tools in each stage of the creative process to address challenges in a new way
  • Develop capacity to ask powerful questions to tackle the right issues
  • Practice on a personally relevant complex problem or opportunity
  • Increase both critical and creative thinking skills
  • Develop an initial 'prototype' of an idea to test
  • Deepen your capacity to be a creative leader

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