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Well Logging and Testing Fundamentals

School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences
Well Logging and Testing Fundamentals Table of Contents

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Course Code: GEOL069

Participants will explore geology and hydrogeology from the technician's perspective with a focus on both the unconsolidated and bedrock formations in Ontario. Participants will then investigate how each of the drilling and cutting actions and flushing media changes the sample of the geologic media encountered from its natural, or undisturbed state, to what is seen at the surface in order to consistently identify and log geologic materials on the Well Record, using the 'Guide for Using the Hydrogeologic Classification System for Logging Water Well Boreholes' by Thomas M. Hanna RPG. Participants are asked to bring a sample of cuttings from their region to be discussed and assessed in class. Students will also review the well testing / pumping test procedure in order to rate the capacity of the well and document this on the Well Record.

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  • Peter Gray

Wednesday (8:30am - 4:30pm)

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