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Weaving - Sashes, Straps & Bands

Haliburton School of Art + Design

Enrol in Weaving - Sashes, Straps & Bands

Course Code: ARTS2106

This course is not suitable for students who have not woven on a floor loom before. Weaving - Basic Level I, or the ability to set up a loom and weave with minimal direction is required.
Explore warp-faced 2/2 twill sashes, straps and bands; a weave where the warp is sett so close that the weft is hidden and creative warp colour changes unleash a fantastic array of multi-coloured design possibilities. These sturdy bands, woven on a four harness loom, have many uses - sashes, guitar straps, pet leashes, bell pulls, clothing trim, and more. From basic theory and warp-faced weave colour patterns, instruction will progress through warping and weaving one to two-strap/band projects of choice. Choose to work from existing patterns or create and fine-tune a new design by weaving weft-faced samples that can be converted into a warp-faced band project. Historically-minded, experienced weavers can choose to focus on warping and weaving a replica of the "Garneau ceinture flechee" - an 1830 handloom-woven Voyageur sash in warp-faced twill that mimics the classic Assomption sash pattern. Calculating a good warp sett, navigating winding warps with complicated colour patterns, and twisting fringes for sashes will also be addressed.

Attend this course in person

Registration will begin March 02, 2020 at 8:30 am

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (9:00am - 4:30pm)

Section: 41

There will be a $20 to $50 material fee per project, depending on the size, payable to the instructor.