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Songwriting for the Guitarist - Concepts & Chords

Haliburton School of Art + Design
Songwriting for the Guitarist - Concepts & Chords Table of Contents

Enrol in Songwriting for the Guitarist - Concepts & Chords

Course Code: ARTS2369

Please note: This course is not recommended for absolute beginners. You need to have already written songs and have a basic knowledge of guitar chords.
Songs are words and melody working in tandem to elicit an emotion from the listener. Lyrical songwriting devices will be coupled with an increased musical understanding in this approach to taking your songwriting to new level. Learn how chords are formed and how to alter them; as well as common chord progressions and how to make them your own. Instruction will also include lyric concepts such as content, structure, rhyme, meter, scansion, alliteration, assonance, balance, compound rhymes, prosody, and a host of other devices to apply to your songs and get your creativity flowing. Classic songs will be dissected musically and lyrically, to see why and how they work. Learning new songs and idea-generating exercises will also be undertaken. A nurturing, supportive, and safe environment will encourage active participation and sharing.

Attend this course in person

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (9:00am - 4:30pm)

Section: 41

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