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Mindful Living and Meditation

Mindful Living and Meditation Table of Contents

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Course Code: ARTS2430

Being mindful and practicing mindful meditation can lead to reduced stress, increased self-control and focus and a boost to coping, healing and growing. Learn the skills to develop a daily mindful meditation practice and the tools to mindful living: gaining a greater awareness of your mental and physical state for the health of your personal and interpersonal life. We will explore several mindfulness techniques, including the Jon Kabat Zinn's seven attitudinal factors of mindfulness, the 16 Guidelines for Life, which encourage the positive qualities in your life, the Wheel of Awareness technique for body awareness among others. Dress comfortably to participate secular mindfulness exercises and meditations including: breathing work, guided imagery, gentle movement, awareness and healing exercises to relax, connecting your mind and body while cultivating clarity, awareness and reflection. This 8-session course would be well-suited for anyone pursuing meditation for personal interest, and would be an asset to health care workers, social service or child care workers, or health care workers in assisting their patients.

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  • Pamela Rudolph

This course will run in a live zoom format from 6:30pm - 8:00 pm on Wednesday evenings.

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