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Glass Flamework Techniques

Course Code: ARTS1760

Flameworking is a method of shaping glass using a torch. Glass is heated to a molten state and you then sculpt, blow and manipulate it, creating highly detailed and colourful glass objects. This course will provide a fundamental understanding of glass through the processes of flameworking. Beginning with the safe and comfortable operation of equipment, you will quickly progress to methods of shaping and constructing using a variety of tools and techniques. Working with a range of glasses, gain a solid foundation in flameworking practice that will allow for progression beyond the basics. Through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice, instruction will cover introductory methods of shaping and manipulating molten glass to advanced constructions, including blowing glass and the use of moulds. You are encouraged to bring an open mind and ideas that you would like to develop in glass. No previous glass experience is necessary.

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32.5 hours

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There will be an approximate $100 material fee payable to the instructor, depending on projects chosen. This course will run simultaneously with Glass Flamework Techniques II. Please clearly indicate which level you are registering for.

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