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Drawing with Intuition

Haliburton School of Art + Design

Enrol in Drawing with Intuition

Course Code: ARTS2317

Designed for those that have always been inhibited by conventional drawing classes and/or those looking for more than a technique, this method is based on the fact that "we know more than we know". Through a series of targeted drawing exercises, explore pathways for (re)opening access to intuition - the key place to the uniquely individual ways we relate to the world, to our own voice and individual style. While technique and theory are initially left behind, these skills will be developing naturally, together with your unique expressive ways of drawing. Instruction is suitable for all skill levels and would benefit artists working in any medium. No previous experience in drawing is necessary. If returning, you will further explore new levels of your creative mind.

Attend this course in person

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (9:00am - 4:30pm)

Section: 41

Material List and Important Details:

There will be a $15 material fee payable to the instructor.