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Alpaca Fibre: Classer

Haliburton School of Art + Design

Enrol in Alpaca Fibre: Classer

Course Code: ARTS2052

The Alpaca Fibre Sorting and Classing Program is a two-part program with the option of an Apprenticeship Program developed by the Fibre Initiative Committee of the Alpaca Ontario Association (AO).
Please note: Successful completion of courses, Alpaca Fibre: Basic Sorter - Part 1 and Alpaca Fibre: Basic Sorter - Part 2 (Or Alpaca Fibre: Sorter ARTS1972 ) is required prior to enrolling in the Alpaca Fibre: Classer course.
Instruction will investigate the science behind the fibre, developing deeper knowledge through more detailed analysis of the structure and behaviour of alpaca fibre, both huacaya and suri, as well as other compatible fibres such as merino, mohair, (other) sheep's wool, silk, and more. This knowledge is essential to determining best end product for various fleeces. You will also learn how to make specific requests of the mills being used for processing. The workshop will revise and reinforce hands-on skirting and sorting skills, plus add the component of grading and batching large quantities of alpaca fibre. A detailed outline for each workshop of the program is available on the Alpaca Ontario website at

Attend this course in person


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (9:00am - 4:00pm)

Section: 41

Location will be at Arriba Linea, Lindsay, ON