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Digital Marketing


Learn to design, implement and monitor digital campaigns to interact with customers and drive traffic to your business. These in-demand skills can help you stay competitive, both in the job market and as a business owner.

These short, online courses focus on building up and testing basics skills for a range of digital marketing tools and strategies. Content is based on the latest tools and techniques. Courses are fully online, instructor-led asynchronous to give you the flexibility to learn when it fits your schedule.

Admission Requirements

  • 19 years or older, or completed an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  • Basic Windows computer and internet skills (managing files and folders, keyboarding, email and Internet searches)

Is This For You?

These courses could be excellent resume- or skill builders for:

  • Marketing
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Communications
  • Business owners
  • Project managers
  • Account managers
  • Sales
  • Self-employed
  • Hospitality staff

Courses in Digital Marketing

Details and registration below

Micro-credential: Digital Marketing Courses

Micro-credential: Digital Marketing Courses

Micro-credential: Social Media Marketing Foundations


This primer will give you the tools to begin marketing on social media. Discover strategies for marketing plans and social media campaigns and best practices for the leading social media platforms. You will learn how to identify target audiences, set goals and use tools to manage and measure the results of your campaigns.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Micro-credential: Content Marketing


Learn to create successful social media marketing campaigns that focus on digital storytelling and feature compelling content. You will become familiar with best practices for marketing on leading social media platforms, learn to identify the right target audiences and discover the strategies for creating a variety of digital content to engage your audience.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Micro-credential: Digital Marketing Techniques


Discover how to use direct digital market tools to engage and expand your customer base. Learn how to create successful email campaigns, tweak the content of your website to improve its ranking in searches (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) and place paid ad that will appear in searches related to your website (SEM - Search Engine Marketing). These techniques can give you a sophisticated approach to reaching your target audience on social platforms, websites and apps. Students will need to register for Mimic Pro simulation. Please Note Additional Cost (59.99 US $): To register for Student simulation (Mimic Pro), you must contact your instructor for a course invite link. This invitation link will allow you to correctly register. Your instructor will have this link shared with the course and may have included it in your class syllabus or emailed it out. Once you have received the invite, you will be able to follow the click-through link and register/create an account .After your new account has been created, you will be able to purchase the Mimic Pro Simulation, which can be done directly through stukent.com

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Micro-credential: Digital Marketing Analytics


This micro-credential focuses on the visualization and analysis of data to measure the effectiveness of media investments as well as to make recommendations for optimization. Real world case studies and a comprehensive project will support you to create effective customer segments and KPIs to ensure business goals are met.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Micro-credential: Fundamentals of Creating an eCommerce Site


This course is for the student who wishes to create an ecommerce site but has no prior experience in doing so. You will study the fundamental concepts of ecommerce and will use Shopify's ecommerce platform, via a hands-on, step-by-step simulation, to explore storefront construction from concept to ready-to-go live", enabling you to then launch and operate your own store on the platform.

There are no scheduled classes at this time.

Course Materials

Some courses require additional textbooks and/or materials. Please visit your campus store in-person or online:

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