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Common First Semester

Not everyone coming into college knows exactly what they want to study or what career they might want to pursue. Here at Fleming, we stand out among other colleges in offering a common first semester in select areas to help you find the program that is the right fit for you.

Continuing Education at Fleming College

Core diploma programs in the School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences share a common first semester, while some diploma programs in the School of Business and Information Technology share a common first year.

All students in these programs take the same foundational courses in the first semester (or year) of study. This allows you the freedom to explore various careers and obtain a multidisciplinary perspective – all while you acquire a strong base of knowledge and fundamental skills that are applicable across related fields of study.

Once you start, you may find that another program is more suited to your goals and interests. You can transfer into your preferred program in semester two, depending on enrolment capacity and academic requirements.

Have an interest in more than one program? Double the power of your diploma. Most of our diploma programs offer the opportunity to earn a second diploma, in a related field of study in just two additional semesters.

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Programs With a Common First Semester

Common first semester is available within the following Schools/programs:

School of Health and Community Services

School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences


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I originally accepted my offer and started at Fleming in the Earth Resources Technician Co-op program. While I enjoyed the content, the common first semester gave me all the educational resources to realize that Environmental Technician was the right program for me. I strongly recommend attending one of the Fleming courses that has a common first semester. You will quickly get an idea of what you want your focus to be in.

Sophia Palouzzi - Graduate, Environmental Technician program
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It made starting college feel a lot more flexible and that the institute was actually interested in having you succeed in something you were interested in by offering you the opportunity to change lanes. Use it as a tool to gain knowledge and understanding of all the paths you could go down in the environmental industry.

Alisha Sullivan - Graduate, Environmental Technology program

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