Diversity at Fleming

2015-2018 Fleming College Strategic Plan
Our values: Inclusiveness - to welcome and value all students and all perspectives

What is Diversity?

  • celebrating our differences
  • respecting each other's unique identity regardless of ability, age, ancestry, culture, gender, race, sexual orientation or status

Fleming College promotes a welcoming and inclusive environment for students, staff, and guests from the community. Supports are available for students experiencing difficulties, like accessibility barriers, homophobia or other types of discrimination or harassment, or cultural barriers and isolation as newcomers. Diversity at Fleming is supported through the Student Life Office who leads the Diversity Community of Practice, the Positive Space Campaign promoting safe campuses for LGBTQ students, the Prayer and Meditation Room, and other diversity initiatives. Get involved in making Fleming College a welcoming place where everyone belongs.

The Diversity Community of Practice

This group of students, staff, faculty and alumni are interested in diversity at Fleming College and meet to discuss challenges and opportunities related to diversity issues. Their goal is to help ensure that Fleming College remains a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone in the Fleming Community. https://department.flemingcollege.ca/avp-ss/community-of-practice/diversitycop/

The Positive Space Education Program

This three-level program promotes a safe and inclusive environment for members of LGBTQ communities (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) by building awareness about issues of homophobia and transphobia. Students who complete all three levels can become trainers, and the program is recognized on the Co-curricular Record, as well as being offered for credit through numerous Academic Programs. To participate in a session, fill out the Registration Form on MyCampus, found at: https://mycampus.flemingc.on.ca/group/mycampus/campus_life (click on the Positive Space icon), or contact studentlife@flemingcollege.ca

MOST (Men of Strength)

Men of Strength is a team of male students and staff that acts to support the prevention of violence against women and promotes healthy masculinity.

MOST members educate themselves and raise awareness on campus around the important roles men can play in preventing sexual violence and harassment.

MOST promotes values of:

  • Gender equality
  • Non-violence
  • Violence prevention
  • Male positivity

MOST activities include:

  1. Mentoring and role modelling healthy masculinity
  2. Partnering with campus and community women's groups
  3. Conducting peer education
  4. Sponsoring social and educational events (i.e. Take Back the Night, White Ribbon, Violence Prevention Week, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes)
  5. Exploring the many ways men can be allies of women and girls

MOST is supported by Student Administrative Council in Peterborough and the Frost Student Association in Lindsay. Our community partners include Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre, the YWCA, Peterborough Police Services, and Men Can Stop Rape.

For more information about MOST, contact Greg Jefford, Manager, Student Life, Athletics and Recreation at 705-749-5520 ext. 1641 or studentlife@flemingcollege.ca

The Prayer & Meditation Room (Sutherland campus room C1 300)

Fleming College offers students a quiet space dedicated to the expression of faith and personal reflection. Students are welcome to use the room (located down the corridor behind Tim Horton's, near the Museum labs) during normal campus hours of operation. Prayer mats and religious texts are available. Students are asked to respect others using the space and remove their footwear upon entering.

For more information: studentlife@flemingcollege.ca or Sutherland Campus/A2109, Frost Campus/254

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