Integrated Design


Fleming College’s Integrated Design program will give you the fundamental design skills and critical thinking abilities needed to become a successful designer in any design discipline you wish to pursue.

This is the only program in Ontario that teaches design principles, theory, history, research and methodologies in combination with intensive studio time spent experimenting with different materials and sustainable processes. 


Fall 2016
Program Status: Accepting Applications
Program Code: IND
Location: Haliburton
Co-ordinator: Barr Gilmore Email Profile
Credential: Ontario College Diploma
Start Dates: September 06, 2016
Tuition and Ancillary Fees (Domestic): $2,970.32 per semester*
Tuition and Ancillary Fees (International): $8,117.35 per semester*
* Tuition and fees subject to change.

Program Co-ordinator Barr Gilmore speaks about this innovative new program

Program Highlights

In this program you will earn an Ontario College diploma and a certificate while discovering what kind of designer you are meant to be. Our accelerated program is equivalent to two years of study at other colleges.

In this innovative and intensive three-semester program you will be introduced to the world of design and design thinking through a series of inspirational lectures, collaborative exercises, problem-solving assignments and hands-on material research. The program is structured around five actions: Dream, Communicate, Collaborate, Experiment and Apply – five design principles that form the foundation for a career in any design discipline.

Semester one will give you a solid grounding in Design Principles, Terminology, History, Theory, Processes and Research Methodologies, with an introduction to Computer/Software Skill development.

In semester two you will use the extensive studio time to experiment with different kinds of materials and methodologies to find new ways of working, while developing your own design processes and methodologies.

In the final semester you’ll have time to fully explore one medium, choosing one of our art certificates: Digital Image Design, Sustainable Building Design and Construction, Artist Blacksmith; Ceramics; Fibre Arts; Glassblowing; Jewellery Essentials; Painting & Drawing; Photo Arts; or Sculpture. 

Throughout the program you will be exposed to a broad range of material practices and design categories including communication/graphic; fashion and textile; exhibition and environmental graphic; interiors; architecture; and landscape architecture and public art.

Integrated Design Diploma program graduates will be critical thinkers and problem solvers with the ability to fully engage in an art practice, supported by design thinking. While further education will be needed to advance in a chosen design discipline, graduates will have developed hands-on material experience, their own design voice and a unique skill set that they can parlay into a small independent practice/business.

Why Choose Fleming

Incorporating our art certificate specialties means we are able to provide a one-of-a kind program that weaves together design and material culture, where design principals and design thinking are used as the foundation when creating a material specific object. You’ll understand the balance of thinking/making skills, which is not generally offered at an undergraduate level program.

This program is delivered at Fleming College’s Haliburton Campus, located in central Ontario's spectacular Haliburton Highlands region. Haliburton is a welcoming, vibrant community known for amazing scenery, and is home to an eclectic population of resident artists and designers. You will have the opportunity to get outside your everyday experience, escape the urban world and immerse yourself in your art in a truly unique creative culture.

Our campus is designed for creative people and focuses on providing the best possible studio experience. Class sizes are small and all our programs are delivered in dedicated, fully-equipped and spacious studios.

You will learn from a large roster of faculty members and visiting artists who are experts in design, material and sustainable practices, including: Chris Bahry (Tendril); Joseph Clement (Designland); and JP King (Paper Pusher), among many others. See JP King interviewed at Paper Pusher, his Toronto-based experimental publication laboratory.

Design Your Future:

We envisioned this program with you in mind:

  • You want to be a designer but you’re not sure what design discipline is the one for you
  • You are attracted to art, design and craft and think you would thrive in a creative career
  • You are an art student or graduate and want to add a second credential

Minimum Admission Requirements

OSSD with the majority of credits at the College (C) and Open (O) level, including: 2 College (C) English courses (Grade 11 or 12).

When (C) is the minimum course level for admission (U) or U/c) courses are also accepted.

Mature students, 19 years of age or older, and not in procession of an OSSD, can write the Canadian Adult Achievement Test to assess eligibility for admission.

Program Requirements 

  • MacBook Pro, 13 inch (minimum)
  • Adobe Creative Suites, Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition
  • External HD, 1TB (minimum)
  • USB Flash Drive, 32GB (minimum)
  • iPhone 6 or smart phone equivalent, 32GB (minimum)
  • Apple Mouse or Apple Magic Mouse 2,  or Wacom/Intuos Draw Creative Pen Tablet or the equivalent

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