Indigenous Perspectives Designation (IPD)

The Indigenous Perspectives Designation (IPD) is replacing the Aboriginal Emphasis Initiative formerly offered at Fleming College. The purpose of the IPD is to provide students who choose to access this optional learning with a more in-depth knowledge of Indigenous (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) peoples, their cultures, histories, traditions and contributions to our shared society. The programs that offer the IPD as an option have also committed to providing discipline-specific Indigenous curriculum, beyond what will be offered in the two general education subjects that students are required to take.

The Indigenous Perspectives Designation (IPD) is currently available to students enrolled in Fleming College’s Social Service Worker, and Ecosystem Management Technician and Ecosystem Management Technology programs. A student enrolled in one of these programs who wishes to receive the IPD on their transcript must commit to taking both GNED49 - Introduction to Indigenous Studies, and GNED128 - Indigenous Knowledges, as well as to attending a minimum of four approved co-curricular Indigenous events or experiences. These co-curricular events or experiences will be independent of the class, but will be incorporated into the final portfolio assignment in GNED128.

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